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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Charles B. Dickson
Suezan Aikins

                                    lawn crisp with frost –
                                            on the last clematis bloom
                                                white butterfly

                                                thorny rose sprouts waving
                                                cold blue sea wind

                                    beach dunes
                                            old man with a pipe watches
                                                monarchs migrating

                                                warm spot on the bed
                                                sand among kitten hairs

                                    thin curve of moon
                                   far across the drought-parched swamp
                                                glow of burning sedge

                                                earth cellar smell rising
                                                translucent paperwhite buds

first snow
        dark circle of kitten tracks
            outside the door                                                         

            cage bars cast long shadows
            an aged tiger paces                                          

storm raging –
        narcissus and its shadow
            both tremble                                                   

            tranquil lake. . .fluffy cygnets
            explore the reedy shore                                    

fog at dusk
        snow patches glow
            on the island                                                   

            among the hemlocks
            flutter of pine siskins                                         

shadowed water
        silver trail from the mink's head
            threads black rocks                                        

            cinnamon ferns' crescent shadows
            under a full bayou moon                                               

window of clouds
        curving in the consomm‚
            a rim of blue sky                                                        

            grandmother prepares for bed:
            small glass of blackberry wine                          

arching tulip
        leaf hairs glisten in a sphere
            of last night's rain                                          

            scarlet blooms of flame azaleas
            fade with the valley twilight    
                                    tree frogs and I
                                            under mountain stars
                                                a whippoorwill                         

                                                dawn breeze
                                                pebbles growing shadows

                                    swift flow of the brook
                                            three clear notes
                                                of the waterthrush

                                              laughing kids chase each other
                                                waving wild-legged crabs

                                    July dawn
                                           the bog pink
                                                with sheep laurel

                                                fragrant mist
                                                sunlit dew on wild roses

                                    from the lofty crest
                                            the shimmer of August leaves
                                                faint chirp of one bird

                                                flying into the sun
                                             white arcs of speedboats below

                                    beach sunrise
                                            cormorants on pilings
                                                stretch their wings

                                                scent of salt
                                                on sandy skin

                                    full moon
                                            limpkins wade the marsh
                                                searching for snails

                                                night wind
                                                whistles through the crack

dawn curtain –
        sparrow silhouette
            sings too                                                         

            a wood thrush answers
            the old man's whistle-trill                                              

orange glow reflected
        under the heron's wing –
            supper bell ringing                                         

            faint baying of coon hounds
            from the lake's distant shore                             

hidden in grass
        ghostly rose haloed
            with frost                                                        

            blue water mirrors
            Easter sunrise     



September 30, 1988
April 5, 1990

Prospect, Nova Scotia, Canada
Doraville, Georgia, USA











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