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published in 1990
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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Lequita Vance
Jane Reichhold
Paul O. Williams

                                    wash lines the deck
                                    ants march toward
                                                the first of summer                            

                                                grandson's crayon melts
                                                a rosy streak as he sleeps       

                                    sunset on the wings
                                    of the limp quail hen
                                     the hunter carries                                 

                                                flaps down for a landing
                                                a lady folds her Bible            
                                    waiting for her
                                    over the mountains
                                                more moon                 

                                                in the cooling darkness
                                                a snail starts up the granite

palms in the night wind –
remembering snow light
            in midnight rooms                                             

            like the banana tree sound
            pages of Basho scatter                                             

the girl watcher
            pinches peaches                                                         

            as the blown cloud leaves the sun
            the white cat's eyes slowly close                                   

dark night game
tan arms wave pom-poms
            flurries in the sky                                          

            at half-time dad signs a check
            winter semester tuition                                  

halfway up the stairs
the old man stops for breath,
            watches the sparrows                                      

            flight to Cincinnati
            one moon in every window                           

autumn lightning
pampas grass plumes
            silk catches fire                                                          

            sunlit leaves in the window
            show their fine woven fabric                             

flowered remnants
at half the retail price
            the bridesmaid's dress                                               

            so low in front
            her blushes double                                         

                                    the whole juniper
                                    twined with geraniums
                                    wildly blooming                                    

                                                in every direction by hand
                                                he sows cultivated oats                     
                                    with a flip
                                    a cool arc appears
                                                her fan                                                          

                                   the one silent thing                                
                                                after the storm a rainbow

                                    the resting butterfly
                                                in prison light                                     

                                                colors of another life
                                                visitors from abroad                          

                                    mallards pass low
                                    over the tract houses
                                                the lost marsh                                                  
                                        bogged down month after month
                                                even the cat avoids me                                  

                                    to sleep alone
                                    in the light of the moon

                                                seven goats crowd around us,
                                                rub us with their white bodies

                                    kids' voices
                                    over strolling carolers
                                                crowd the shops                                             

                                                howls of "gimme"
                                         mingle with prayers                                     

pouring out
pilgrims from a tour bus
            the Ganges River                                           

            in spite of the rocky gorge
            by the narrow pool cow tracks                                  

N.Y. Depot
the Bulgarian's rail pass
            to S.F.                                                            

            in his worn out wallet
            many new dollar bills                                     

Franklin's smile
millions of times over
            circles the planet                                           

            migrating wood ducks at rest
            still wearing their best feathers                          


Started: June 15, 1989
Finished: July 28, 1990

From: Carmel, California
To: Gualala, California
To: Belmont, California












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