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Brent Partridge
Werner Reichhold

                                    approach to the bridge
                                                river's bend
                                    mist begins to rise                                

                                                from a sound the pattern
                                  wings of a swan touch the water                   

                                    edge of vision
                                    color washed from trees
                                                light and lack remain                

                                                between wooden poles
                                                she and he dancing on a wire            

                                    stars disappear –
                                    the feeling of space
                                                expands – full moon                 

                                                curving the silence
                                                a cry                                       

called from a drum
a stag answers
shamanic power         
            music of wind around rocks
            doesn't reach much of the shore
black singer's voice
taped in a white square

            what if the sun were hell
            hurting our eyes from so far                              

wearing dark glasses
grotesque for three dollars
heroin addict                                                              

            green wood –
            slow approach to the knot                                

two of her fingertips open
a hairpin                                                                     

            moon arches up
            as the clouds grow thin                                     

stadium's floodlight
on the ball
the smoke of cheers                                                   

            even demons hear the angels
            – a starry autumn night                                     

oral environment
the flower a mouth

            in your studio
            i forget Rouault's name                                     

                                    the heron lands and
                                    is quieter                      

                                         windsurfer holds
                                       the breeze in both hands                                

                                    a jackrabbit races the plane
                                    at takeoff
                                                new year's morning                  

                                                human-built arch
                                                tracking a winter sun                         

                                    i stretch out a finger
                                    the monarch flies
                                                'round my head

                                                raising a fire ring
                                        the tiger jumps through                                 

                                    minnows dart back and forth
                                    along the ripples –
                                    they vanish                               

                                                king, as far as one can swim

                                    undersea mountain
                                    topped by a temple
                                    in a storm the bell rings             

                                                palm pressed on lips
                                                knowing the oracle    

                                    beyond reason
                                    though not eschewing it
                                    harvest moon tranquility                       

                                                whistling half-shut window
                                                opened by a zephyr                

against the sleeper's face
red morning light                                                       

            rainbows open each eyelash
            in one eye                                                        

wing of a moth
flutters through a mirror
lace inset                                                                    

            troll breaks the ice,
            wades out into the current                                

the iris of her gaze

            between dreams – rain
            – both are gone – both return    


September 14, 1989
February 3, 1990

Occidental, California
Gualala, California











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