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published in 1990
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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Suezan Aikins
Jane Reichhold


                                    lightning flash
                                            the irises' white faces
                                    waving wildly                                                                                              

                                                wind moving
                                                round rocks                                                                

                                           more plentiful, the deeper
                                                we penetrate                                                            

                                                aroused by the strangeness
                                                unseen nipples pink and hard                                    

                                            moonlight floods the bed
                                                surf surge rumbles                                            

                                                ringing from the phone
                                                mom's voice as a circle                                                           

cemetery whispers
        breath in the shell
            of one's own ear                                                         

            rose leaves whirl
            cold flood tide                                                 
surely feminine
        the ocean's penchant
            for purple                                                       

            withered iris
            twisting shadow on the wall                              

lace curtains
        whipped by autumn days
            dry with age                                                   

            dusting of snow
            maps the garden                                                          

black on white
        contours of a hole
            turnips pulled                                                 

            moon slowly rises
            the cat's feeding frenzy                                     

ice cold walls
        missing the warmth
            of one mouse                                                  

            snowflakes on my face
            icewater down my back                                               

winter bracken
        frail hands brush aside
            a deserted path                                                          

            wind chimes tinkle
            bringing in more wood                                     
                                    stone still

                                            behind me the bunting's
                                                chirps coming closer                                                  

                                                on unseen feet
                                                the approach of spring                                                           

                                    fog horn echoes
                                            green pool of melting snow
                                                in the hollow                                                               
                                                thunderheads gather
                                                another roar                                                               
                                    her purr rumbling
                                            from spread-eagled newborn
                                                faint sucking sounds                                                      

                                                milk into wine
                                                the first communion                                                   

                                    morning sun glows
                                            in baby spider bellies,
                                                hanging in mid-air                                                          

                                                the struggle of growing
                                                heaven high                                                                

                                    rain green garden
                                            cat rolls over and over
                                                in sweet alyssum                                                          

                                                striped sunlight on white fur
                                                tabby writes his name in flowers                                           

                                    shadows sway
                                            illuminated lilies
                                                stalk the moon                                                            

                                                in me again
                                                a childhood home                                                      


        the road disappears
            in itself                                                                       
            sun burns thru mist
            pollen ripples on the pond                                

water drops
        a radiance
            in the falls                                                      
            seagull shadow
            glides up my body                                            

under wings
        on the maple seed
            folded flowers                                                            

            face down in grass
            faint hum of inner life                                                                                                              


August 24, 1988
September 11, 1989

Prospect, Nova Scotia, Canada
Gualala, California, USA

The tan renga
               more plentiful, the deeper
                        we penetrate

                        aroused by the strangeness
                        unseen nipples pink and hard

was previously published in Narrow Road to Renga,
AHA Books, 1989.











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