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published in 1990
by AHA Books

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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Werner Reichhold
Francine Porad


                                    floating meadow
                                    through the eye into my hand

                                    strange shapes
                                    the wordless things I know

                                    in a green splash
                                    the sound of an osprey

                                    snorkelers bypass
                                    the kelp beds

                                    circle of a mask
                                    in an ocean jungle
                                    the moon

                                    lunar pull or shifting plates?

space probe
bound for Jupiter                                                       

the night a tumble
down into eyes, stars                                                   

first love
the conversation pivots
back to Ann                                                                

light between fingers
a fan smoothes the sand                                                           

beach blanket twosome
engagement ring

a non-existing
almost named                                                              

and chrysanthemums -
the hand-blown bowl                                                 

moonlit opal
curves on ebony                                                          

black is beautiful
Reverend King's march
so long ago                                                                 

the speaker's oval mouth
a vocal gesture                                                             

boisterous applause
long-stemmed roses
rushed onstage                                                                       

clouds of numbers
power guided disk                                                       
                                                January words
                                                printed out on pages
                                                winter white

                                                sale! sale! sale!
                                                new spread on the bed

                                                Amish decoration
                                                a bee and honey-making
                                                patches overlap

                                                his faded jeans -
                                                traveling incognito

                                                fake alligator
                                                wallet hides a boy's
                                                invalid car license

                                                stomping with numb feet
                                                the endless stretch of road

                                                barefoot in marble
                                                girl and her floral past
                                                chiseled by a sculptor

                                                artwork for charity
                                                to the highest bidder

                                                bite of a dealer
                                                deep into a collector's
                                                hidden dream

                                                a Cezanne of his own
                                                every rock and tree known

                                                through a picture window
                                                a child's finger follows
                                                the moon

                                                stars and a rainbow
                                                in the same drawing


eerie landscape
mounds of earth
concealing secrets                                                      

black hole with sphere music
space dug by a concept artist                                       

three by six by six
measurement necessitates
a grateful prayer                                                        

giving it the strength of wings
the wind knows the message                                        

in a cherry orchard
the healer
and the healed                                                            

legendary light
channeled through the soul  


September 21, 1989
March 26, 1990

Gualala, California
Mercer Island, Washington


Published in LYNX III:3 Summer, 1990











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