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Francine Porad
Brent Partridge

                                    first wake-up beeps
                                            snuggling deeper
                                                into the dream              

                                                before i hear the thunder
                                                it shakes me               

                                            along his jaw
                                                crossword puzzled                   

                                                top of duck rock and
                                                the coyotes have noticed 

                                    under a half moon
                                            electric generators
                                                harnessing the wind                  

                                                i see through
                                                a raven feather shadow
autumn sunset
        a flight of crows
            dances down over treetops                            

            the chiaroscuro
            of adobe church towers                                               

blue cliff, ice river –
        a solitary
            keeps the sky company                                              

            hoarfrost underfoot
            he posts CLOSED FOR THE SEASON                     

i run out
        and hesitate
            listen to the silence                                         

            the awesome quiet
            before the earth quakes                                    

        and a tripod
            the sibyl's gone                                                           

            forecast of a halo
            around a black disk moon                                

fallen leaves
            by a film of water                                           

            what rain! leisurely reading
            the Shambhala catalogue                                              

on a late geranium
        Prometheus moth
            quivers and bows                                                       

            life-span so short
            sunshine this winter day                                    
                                    three generations
                                           at lunch   her wheelchair
                                                hidden from view                     
                                                i peer out – dappled dawn's
                                                colder between the clouds

                                    feisty starlings
                                       over the last apples                                        

                                                Venus in her crescent phase
                                                nearly eclipsed by angles       

                                    rectangles and squares
                                                orders his world                       

                                                winter color of candle flame
                                                – and its afterimage               

                                    his poems
                                            on the ivory page
                                                sumi bird rises              

                                                during the pauses in chanting
                                                a finch keeps cutting loose                 

                                    Gregorian melodies
                                           on yellowed vellum
                                                the large painted notes             

                                                epiphany – a bell's boom
                                                blossoms from the valley                   

                                    above all
                                            the moon's corona

                                                on a nasturtium leaf               

our hearts inform reflection –
        – a spring night
            at the seashore                                                           

            clicking frame after frame
            of the fireball's descent                                     

twisted downward by sun –
        essence released –
            pine branch                                                    

            adding to the forest floor –
            a basket full of cones                                       

early iris
        acres of them on a hill
            over the ocean                                                           
            distinct bands of space
            progressively paler      



September 1989
January 1990

Mercer Island, Washington
Occidental, California

Previously published in the Haiku Canada Newsletter, V:3, 1990











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