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published in 1990
by AHA Books

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Gualala, CA 95445


Edited by Jane Reichhold


Werner Reichhold
Suezan Aikins


                                                        from a circle

                                                            gong song
                                                            into her womb

                                                a bell's voice
                                                  sound of a holy house

                                                            incense spirals
                                                      above the goddess

                                                braided Indian hair
                                                silver from top to bottom

                                                     seaweed shadows

rustling branches
        snowflake drifts between
      fat red rosehips                                                          

            sipping herb tea
       honey on the rim                                                          

frostbit sage
            in his palm                                                      

            lifelines fork into three
            branches uphold a nest                                   

sunset flurries
        the starling's busy tracks
            slowly redden                                                 

            wind picking up
            wings from a dune                                            

trombone subsiding
        saltwater ice ripples
            into darkness                                                  

            moonlit skirt of spangles
            a belly dancer                                                  

hot sea day
        halo of water spins
            from the dog                                                  

            arching between him and her
            a boomerang                                                   

out of the blue
        a magnolia petal

            sound of long hair
            first time rinsed                                                
                                    a soap bubble
                                            eye of an octopus
                                                its rolling shine

                                                coolness of your skin
                                                under my lips

                                    city boy
                                            lighting the new wood stove
                                                with wet kindling

                                                newspaper lovers
                                                consumed by the flame

                                    caved light
                                            car curves a dripping crack
                                                mountain tunnel

                                                the newborn's
                                                infinite blue gaze

                                    mother witch
                                            showing her daughter
                                                the Milky Way

                                                head to wind
                                                three loons under Orion

                                    belt-buckle's triangle
                                    black shield with a white stripes
                                                plumage for both

                                                young cattail's spear
                                                limpid spring water

                                            a rising bowl

                                                golden radiance
                                                between two pears

splashing water
        wedding band appears from
            under garden earth                                        

            tree ring dating fingerprint
            record into a maze                                           

torrential rain
        pierced by a night peeper's
            lonely whistle                                                 

            dashes and dots falling
            in place with the word                                      

freshening breeze
        black ants swarm up
            trembling lily                                                  

            pollen blown westward
            cloud of sunset    


September 21, 1989
July 10, 1990

Gualala, California, USA
Prospect, Nova Scotia, Canada











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