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published in 1990
by AHA Books

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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Francine Porad
Suezan Aikins

                                    cold snap
                                           a winter sun glitters
                                                the pines                      

                                                luminescent bedsheets
                                                ride the breeze            

                                                now a whale!               

                                                autumn asters
                                                seeding the water's edge                    

                                    skittish among slender reeds
                                            the harvest moon
                                                and ducktails               

                                                porthole's yellow eye
                                                in the night                 

sealight glows
        in ruby cactus blooms
raising the wine                                           

            a new year a new decade
            so many wishes                                                

starlit snow
        suddenly the sky flowers
            one last time                                                   

            security guard's smile
            vacation paradise                                             

candle flickers
        rumbling ocean pounding
            the island                                                        

            refuge for pelicans
            huddled by the hundreds                                              

sun-flooded tent
        driftwood cracks under
            sputtering eggs                                                           

            feeding the fire
            flame in her moon-shaped eyes                        

unfocused gaze
        drumtight belly contracting
            then relaxing                                                  

            baby's sudden birth
            aid car parked outside                                     

windowsill daisies
        at her breast little hands
            open and close                                                           

            framed handprint
            beside a Chagall painting                                              
                                    in Jerusalem

                                            stained glass
                                                windows of God                      

                                                from far below
                                                the bells of pilgrims                

                                                the mirror lake 

                                                evening breeze
                                                in long wet hair                      

                                    from the center
                                            of her transparent gown
                                                to the edge                  

                                                haze of incense
                                                drifts in midair                       

                                    sandflies freshly hatched
                                                the shore rocks            

                                                circling gulls flightless one's
                                                black eye in the grass             

                                    supersonic snooper
                                            SR-71 retires
                                                to a museum home       

                                                golden age development
                                                in the pasture             

                                    adjacent four acre-farm
                                                first home                    

                                                together they plant
                                                a cherry tree               

violin duet
        brilliant sun in a drop
            of sherry                                                                     

            chef seated and sampling
            the rosemary pheasant                                                             

sunset flight
        sharp scent of mint clings
            to the shovel                                                   

            Mother's Day dilemma:
            she insists she wants nothing                             

waking to find
        a deep crimson rose
            haloed by stars                                                           

            a sparkling day
            with no plans  



September 1989
May 1990

Mercer Island, Washington, USA
Prospect, Nova Scotia, Canada





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