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published in 1990
by AHA Books

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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Ken-ichi Sato
Werner Reichhold

                                    spinning, spinning still
                                    the top
                                                in deep meditation

                                                face without feature
                                                shell of an egg

                                    the sea cucumber
                                    yearning for the sea jelly
                                                billions of years passed

                                                earth fault a legend
                                                bubbles open a crack

                                    innocent kid beside me
                                    his knowledge doesn't exceed
                            Princess Kaguya and the Little Prince

                                                rereading a fairy tale
                                                a kite to play with

string of memory
the hand of my neighbor
            binding his bonsai                                          

            the young mother's breast shriveled
            a silent cry of a newborn babe                          

sucking up the sea

            swimming in May breeze
            a carp streamer                                                

paper mouth
only the wind knows
            the message                                                    

            their legs busy in communication
            two ants in a mountain trail                               

never homeless
an ancient spirit protects
        the earthly nest                                                          

            a black kite circling
            in the west a day moon                                    

shine under a lid
diagonal crossing
            the inner view                                                

            shadow reaching for mudsnails
            mudfish on the run                                            

hurrying footsteps
faster than the wind
            cherry petals fall                                            

            leaves fallen
            stone lantern in the sun                                     
                                    such a tiny sky
                                    above the pagoda
                                                canopied by cedar trees

                                         through a paper sliding door
                                         the coolness of a drizzle

                                    young bamboo shoots
                                    yesterday's letter
                                                now too old

                                                head flung back
                                                wild name of stallion

                                    a butterfly choosing
                                    the hermit's grey hair
                                                as her transitory rest

                                          fossils sway up on the sea
                                           oil in tankers

                                    near the ancient cave
                                    flint arrow heads pop up
                                       after the first spring shower

                                                opens all one wants
                                                tongue of a hidden smile

                                    plastic windmill
                                    clattering at the foot
                                                of the stone image of Jizo

                                                freshly raked garden
                                         the dust cloud includes a monk

                                    pale moon
                                    at the root of edelweiss
                                                old pilgrim's rusted coin

                                                soap bubble gathers
                                                sky color on my mouth


sound mirrors
breath of a flutist
            trembling fingers                                            

            the jazz restaurant floor
            carpeted with peanut shells                               

walking house
in shallow waters
            turtle at home                                                

            black heron on the wing
            bombing the white lotus                                    

needle storm
window opens pine smell
            to the house                                                    

            amid the dark wood reflection
            a crane standing on its leg    



January 15, 1990
October 15, 1990

Sakata, Yamagata Pref., Japan
Gualala, California, USA











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