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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Brent Partridge
Jane Reichhold

                                    my hand comes up
                                    with a fig
                                    and the ribbon from the bunch  

                                                the prize in his palm
                                                a star on the heartline            

                                                        dream magic
                                                          i throw sand
                                    for purposes of clarification                  

                                                out of earth
                                                a hole's flower shape  

                                    over the waves
                                    three dimensional -
                                    one mayn't pick it, moon                      

                                                juggling illusions
                                                circus man with many balls   

sideshow freak
the bearded lady bears
twin boys                                                                    

            art museum dream windows
            i bring my feeling                                              

in goat and sheep hair
celebrating darkness
an eye on me                                                              

            smell of the sea
            autumn dew on cabbages                                 

manifesting at Findhorn

            dragon in my water bucket
            - the spirit of an outline                                     

turning to gold
night sleep of the forest
in dawn winds                                                            

            first frost turns to dew
            the moon looks wet                                         

storm clouds
out of folded rock
young gulls                                                                 

            inland schoolyard they circle
            'till the children leave                                        

late afternoon sun
golden on round faces

            landscape of a name
            luminary included                                             
                                    in the headlights
                                    maple leaves look wan –
                                    i see there's been a shower                   

                                                Geminid meteors this month
                                                maybe even some snow                      

                                    bright spider webs –
                                    fog has kept ice away
                                    from my commute route                       

                                                across the road shadows
                                                pulled by quail feet     

                                    zen master's widow
                                    takes me out to see
                                    martins on a power line            

                                                believing in resurrection
                                                her smile returns                                

                                    and reflection disappear
                                    new year's day                         

                                                the biggest discovery
                                                baby's ten toes                        

                                    hills undulate
                                    up to the mountain
                                    a toy for the sky                                   

                                                in the flight of a hawk
                                                a kite with painted feathers               

                                    partial eclipse:
                                    cat-head, horns,
                                    the moon's diameter is smaller              
                                                between the trees       

the ocean's roar
a sound in the frog's mouth
home again                                                                

            mountains and rivers wiggle
            - i sit still by the fire                                          

flames dance
the beat that moves
the universe                                                                

            desires are left in silence
            - and held to the heart                                      

in the lily's center

            stairs up from the alley -
            cat flies past                                                                                          


September 14, 1989
January 31, 1990

Occidental, California
Gualala, California











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