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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Suezan Aikins
Brent Partridge

                                    night wind
                                            fog billowing through
                                                the screen

                                                the mountaintop –
                                                a pair of crows leave

                                    sudden silence
                                            rooffull of shuffling starlings

                                          leaves brighten
                                          we don't see them change

                                    sunset feast
                                            halfmoon ripples above
                                                pearlescent oysters

                                         mosquito tries to penetrate
                                          the lamp's misted reflection

fragrance of wild honey
            in the winter wood                                         

            long tail disappears
            between rocks                                                 

particles of drizzle
        most visible when they hit

            not until the door slams
            sudden hot tears                                              

        the neighborhood whispers

            sure to be noticed his clothes
            swinging from the line again                              

the mouse which had been sunning
                        runs away
comes back out to watch                                                       

            finally, moonrising
            in this drop of dew                                           

deep in an opal
        the flicker
            of a dream                                                      

            white crescent gleams under
            the babe's long lashes                                       

flowers of night,
        light of winter –

            black branches snake between
            dappled depths                                                
                                    towering cedars           
                                             a busy woodpecker digs
                                                into centuries               

                                     in the clouds' movements
                             a rhythm matches my heartbeats

                                    Jamaican coffee
                                             bristling cat silhouette
                                                in the dregs again

                                                the calm of a star
                                                still remains

                                    sunrise birdsong
                                            spider bellies glow in
                                                their webbed nursery

                                                shadows angle upward
                                      as i emerge from meditation

                                    stepping into bubbles
                                    from within budding branches
                                                a dove's cooo-cooo

                                          another takes up the refrain
                                                as though nearly asleep

                                    mischievous grins
                                             chorus of forbidden words
                                                erupts again

                                                mind's faster than the mouth
                                                – psychic's lips twitch –

                                    full moon massage
                                             she reads the fears hidden
                                                in my belly

                              my imagination and perceptions
                               open to integrate your paintings


in another poet's artwork
         space itself
            seems to come apart                                      

            red sun
            breasts the island                                             

the water's edge
– staying just out of reach                                         

            scooting sandpipers
            flutter striped wings                                          

in full bloom
         the rain takes them home –
            cherry petals                                                  

            wet fingers reveal
            luminescent roots       



September 26, 1989
August 8, 1990

Prospect, Nova Scotia, Canada
Occidental, California, USA


Stanza #5 was previously published in the
Haiku Canada Newsletter V:2, 1990.











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