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published in 1990
by AHA Books

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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Brent Partridge

lost writing on the beach
looking up
a crowd of small birds

poem after poem
walking home down the beach

heat wave
time changes too:
becomes a liberation from itself

       breeze swoops down
each fir branch moves differently

moon reflects and
our shadows are on
the pavilion's ceiling

     i round a corner
– mountain spirit – in the shadow

spring ascends –
       fed only in the morning

love between minds
rises to endless satisfaction

between emptiness and events,
            an attraction –
                       loving, not wanting

pelicans include a sea cave
in their back-tilted vision

      black ink
            looks green
through the paper's other side

frame of rock window
foam and jade green

though parts of the bubble
            have gone invisible
                    it hasn't popped

park's closed
spring moon and rabbits emerge

                        spherical boulders –
            heaped driftwood logs –
spring afternoon waves are quiet

seals, calm and mist on rocks
–we examine opals

flowers in my head
the customer asks
how i do it

tight hold on my heartlight
       lineaments of freedom
            Garden shop –
    Gary Snyder, his mom
and granma, who forgets her cane

autumn sun through
a nearly faded oak leaf

the clay buddha's stare
startles me
at dawn

people getting in the way
i forget to buy lightbulbs

coyote chorus
echoes spring,
play on emptiness

canary on a laurel twig
rapid long bounces

    a quiet morning
spring's run out
                        of wind

i fall asleep within the dream
in fallen wisteria petals

candle wax
drips fall off, clatter –
winter evening

walking between
the raindrops – a few

fog with the new moon –
as the full departs –
            thunder rolls

            following lightning
– words are more or less nothing

            keepers from the sea
not fish

nocturnal deer
eat unripe cherries

fully woken
they shake damp feathers dry
and begin to hunt breakfast

(in the tree) half-eaten persimmon
centered ladybug sucks juice

Enlightenment vs. Heisenberg –
the Old Plum Thicket

sun from the mountain:
point of the morning mandala


April 25-26, 1990
Occidental, California












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