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published in 1990
by AHA Books

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Edited by Jane Reichhold


Ruby Spriggs
Francine Porad


the sun comes out at the touch of a hand

shards of light behind my eyelids

at the top of the totem pole one eye winks

the kachina doll in a phallic shape

grinning  watching the stripper slink from his clothes

Las Vagas show "Bottoms Up"

from flashing neon to desert highway careful not to look back

beyond the walls   possible dreams

collective unconscious at work   red splash on the canvas

leaving Guernica on Picasso's horse

western shootout   the T-V good guys in black

funeral home   flowers he never gave her

new day  on fast forward   twenty laps at the pool

his arm encircles her new image

a love affair   the psychic hedges   if you want it

lover's lane   vows and condoms

public education announcement aimed at twelve-year-olds

a growing son eating leftover leftovers

gulls squabble   for one small fish   from the ocean

puffer with human teeth in a bucket

did water really flow uphill for Jack and Jill?

squeegee mop's trail on the view window

baby in intensive care   young mother unable to hold him

recorded heart beat piped into the nursery

checks her pulse   takes a stretch   sweat soaked jogger

time out call   chickadee-dee-dee

benched in the drizzle   a motorcyclist   among red tulips

tough   composing haiku

abbey chimes  my new daughter-in-law takes my advice

from the lawyer's briefcase   honey

picnic remains    clutter the beach   ...low tide

she nails and glues found objects

treasure in a bag of books   the long flight home

caught between the links   a feather

my own bed  ...and the song of my own birds

rising sun pales the moon



May 1989
May 1990

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mercer Island, Washington, USA


Previously Published in Lynx, Winter 1990-1991.











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