Jack Galmitz


To Ya Li Zhang, my wife


I would like to thank the editors of the following  publications in which some of the poems in this book appeared earlier:
The Asahi Evening News, The Aurorean, Frogpond, Ginyu, Haiku Headlines, Ko, Modern Haiku, Paperwasp, Presence, Raw NerVZ, Still, Winterspin, Woodpecker.

About the author
Jack Galmitz was born in the Bronx, New York in 1951. He attended New York City public schools from which he graduated. In 1985, the State University of New York at Buffalo conferred a degree of PhD in English Literature upon him. After a brief period of teaching, he went to work for an insurance company in the field of Workers’ Compensation. He has worked throughout his career for various insurance companies in that industry. He lives with his wife, stepson, and six cats in a converted factory building in Elmhurst, New York



Dreams . . .


New Year’s Eve -
I walk about naked
In my dreams


The first morning -
My wife recalls a dream,
But won’t share it


The morning is cold -
In the shower my wife
Sings songs of her home


A vacant lot
Sparkles with raindrops -
A midnight walk


Vanishing snow –
A homeless man
Passes my home


Stirrings. . .


Early Spring -
Two pigeons,
One big


In the sharp-branched tree,
The starling’s iridescence:
Spring’s frosty wind


Heavy rain all day -
In the alley the children
Sailed away


Strands of hair
She brushes off her face:
Clouds on a spring night


Opening day -
From the roaring crowd
The first ball pops out


Salmon-pink sky:
The sudden snap of wings
From out of black rocks


On her ear
So clear two beauty marks:
Spring night


Outside City Hall
Leaves are beginning to form -
We take wedding vows


The trees have new leaves:
Just like that a man appears
On the empty street


The Horseshoe Falls -
A man leans on the guardrail
Lost in thought



Bodies. . .

A night game -
A lacewing lifts off from the grass
Deep center


He can sing the songs of birds
With a blade of grass


The subway is hot –
In the shade of a platform
A butterfly stops


Cirrus clouds -
The seagull’s wings in the sun
Are whiter still


White peonies -
My heart grows pure
Gazing at them


Behind the wide-load
The traffic comes to a halt -
The green mountains


Beneath broad clouds
The vegetable field darkens -
The woman’s straw hat


A wooded hill
Gives shape to the night:
You are with me


High tide -
Touching me the first woman
Made me die


In the darkness
The evening star shines clearly -
The squeals of children


Dandelion down
Drifts over the roofs -
Tenement houses


A beach ball
Bounced into the ocean:
A child


Her body
Spread on a blanket:
A quiet sea


Through the fields at dusk
Laughing three girls run -
Melon flowers


The old man swims
Giving live away –
A dark green sea


Falling Free. . .

Night in the country -
A pickup truck makes its way
Through stars unending


How beautiful!
A pumpkin in the porchlight
On a round table


Splendid costumes!
The street lined with Norway trees
Has changed its colors


Asleep on the porch -
Fireflies open a door
To the woods


In midtown
A sparrow sits on each bush -
Blue asters


A mountain pass -
As if they communicate,
The leaves have turned brown


An empty park -
The height of the sky
Revealed by a star


The autumn mountains -
Skipping a stone
On the lake’s stillness


A damselfly
Asleep on a log -
The river sparkles


November night -
The stadium
Without any lights


A red apple
In my palm. . .
Completely round


Almost home -
A shower of leaves falling
All in gold



Bones. . .

Cold rain -
In the paper bag crabs
Begin to clamber


January night -
The stores on the street are locked
With steel-shuttered gates


Day darkens -
The frozen pond grows brighter;
Skaters linger


Starry night:
Lovers of long ago
Come to mind


A winter night -
To the farthest street
The change of traffic lights


Crabs stacked in a tank
In a restaurant window -
Blue light on the street


In the store window
Seabream float in a tank -
Snow begins to fall


Winter seclusion:
Burs fall from the sycamore;
The snow is crusted


Snow dusted pines -
On the distant bridge
The dimness of lights


Winter dreams -
One by one the seagulls rise
From the shore of reeds


Shutting the notebook -
The winter night closes in
The trees, the mountains



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