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Here you can enjoy new books never published in paper versions or AHA Books which are now out of print. Books are listed alphabetically by the author's last name except for the Tanka Splendor Series.

AKITSU Ei. Collected Tanka of AKITSU Ei translated by Leza Lowitz and Miyuki Aoyama *new*

Brooks, Randy. Black Ant's Journey to Japan . *new*

Conforti, Gerard John, For My Brother Victor & Elsa His Wife *new*

Doty, Gene. Zero (ghazals) *brand new*

Goldstein, Sanford. At the Hut of the Small Mind *reprint*

Tanka Splendor 1990 Judged by Sanford Goldstein. *reprint*

Tanka Splendor 1994 Judged by Geraldine C. Little *reprint*

Tanka Splendor 1996 Judged by Leza Lowitz *reprint*

Tanka Splendor 2000 Judged by the participants. *new*

Tanka Splendor 2001  Judged by the participants. *new*

Holley, Anna. White Crow Haiku *reprint*

Rader, R.G. Raising the Blade: Collected Haiku and Tanka, 1980 - 2000. *new*

Reichhold, Jane A Dictionary of Haiku Classified by Season Words with Traditional and Modern Methods *reprint*

Reichhold, Jane. Bowls I Buy (A Play for several voices) *reprint*

Reichhold, Jane. Banana Skies -- A One-Act Play -Scene 1 *new*

..........................Banana Skies Scene 2 .

..........................Banana Skies Scene 3 - 5 .

..........................Banana Skies Scenes 6 - 10 .

Reichhold, Jane. Gift of Tanka *reprint*

Reichhold, Jane. Journal Journeys. *new*

Reichhold, Jane Psalms of The New Testament *new*

Reichhold, Jane. Those Women Writing Haiku

Reichhold, Werner. Cybertry *new*

Reichhold, Werner. Cybertry Part II A *new*

Reichhold, Werner. Cybertry Part II B *new*

Reichhold, Werner. Cybertry Part III *new*

Reichhold, Werner. Cybertry Part IV *new*

Reichhold, Werner. NOTATIONEN (in German) *new*

Reichhold, Werner Symbiotic Poetry

Rielly, Edward J. How Sky Holds the Sun *brand new*

Tachibana, Fujio The Wail of Gaea *new*

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