Thoughts in Rhyme


By Rahomme de Linde


  1. LOVE
    1. Love is great and knowledge good.
      But choose love, if choose you should.

    2. With the ones we like, we're always glad;
      Without the ones we love, we become sad.

    3. Acts of love and a heart-felt vote
      Do not wait for a thank-you note.

    4. Love without marriage, if disdainful,
      Marriage without love is truly painful.

    5. A house is made of brick and wood.
      A home is made with love and food.

    6. Love is grand, love is lofty;
      Even if it just be biochemistry.

    7. Love since times very, very ancient
      Has often been quite transient.

    8. Who loves the same one till age eighty
      May be happier than those with some variety.

    9. Who declare, "I can't live without you!"
      Do survive, when they're forced to.

    10. Love eternal is a grand illusion
      That's fed by blind and mindless passion.

    1. A wedding is a formal break,
      When leave of parents the children take.

    2. A married woman who keeps her name
      Has a man's name just the same.

    3. The bride and groom who match today
      May from each other drift away.

    4. All creatures mate to propagate
      Humans mate 'cause sex is great.

    5. Those who marry for caste and creed
      Think of humans as animal breed.

    6. They tell the world, when they wed,
      That one with the other will go to bed.

    7. On the wedding day of your little one
      Another family unit has just begun.

    8. Even those with a firm marital bond
      May become of another rather fond.

    9. Love in marriage should such bond make
      That, weak or strong, it'll never break.

    10. Love is a tree: it grows and it flowers;
      Marriage its soil, its sunshine and showers.

    1. The best your child for you can do
      Is to go in life farther than you.

    2. The young should first learn to read.
      This must be their foremost need.

    3. Guide the young their way to find
      With caring heart and thinking mind.

    4. To have children, some refuse;
      When old, others' children they have to use. *

    5. If mom and dad get sick and old
      Love for them turns weak and cold.

    6. When children are gone, we are alone
      Only if we haven't a life of our own.

    7. Guide your young with love and trust.
      When they are grown, leave they must.

    8. If, when young, one quits one's school,
      Later in life, one feels like fool.

    9. After an age parenting must end;
      Child should become a parent's friend.

    10. All loves can shift from one to another,
      But mother's love for child will never wither.

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