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Marlene Mountain and Jane Reichhold


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men o'fart





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Renga Madness takes the form of
Marlene Mountain
Jane Reichhold

from Tennessee to California
from 1990-1992

“if anything can happen she will

Copycatproof 1992 by Two Shameless Hussies
This book is protected from mice and men by the goddess.
Any attempt to make money from this endeavor will
probably succeed.

“all you can do is all you can do”

ISBN: 0-944676-25-0
AHA Books
POB 767
Gualala, CA 95445

(This book is distributed free to women in prison)




            During a telephone call to Marlene on her birthday in December, 1990, we had the idea to do a renga with collages. Marlene started things off with her first page of the renga “get.” Later, in March, she made the title page, most of which has now become the cover for the three renga we did in the period between the winter of 1990 and summer of 1992.
            I am not sure how we came to be working on three different renga, but from looking at the images now, I can imagine that Marlene felt my first image of “men o’farts” – “whirl” – too simple and with the almost haiku was not right so she suggested we start a companion renga to work on while “get” was getting back and forth between us.
            All of the titles are from Marlene. And she has taken the right to change them. The original sub-title for “hang-up” was “ahersrenga” but when Marlene posted the index to these poems on her website she changed the sub-title to “nymphing” – the title taken from her first page. On Marlene’s website http://www.marlenemountain.org she gave the indices and also posted five images she had of her work from the three renga. A close comparison of her lists of the links and mine in this book will show some changes I have made.
            After we had stopped doing the three renga, I had only photocopies of her work, since she had kept the originals. You can see the pink ink MM/date on the photocopies she approved – a practice she soon tired of – so the rest are the photocopies that I had worked from while doing the renga. I had all my originals. As soon as Marlene locates her originals her black and white images will be replaced on this site.
            Late in 1992 we made a booklet of the first renga “get” and I have used the copyright jokes we had then as the beginning of this compilation of all three renga. Never before have all three renga been available for viewing as they are now.

Jane Reichhold
Gualala, CA
June 2, 2008




[cover: 3/28/91]

1m get -1/11/91
2j object
3m join - 2/6/91
4j sage
5m great
6j mama
7m pain
8j jenner
9m poetry
10j kitchen
11m toad - 4/8/91
12j insight
13m demon - 4/29/91
14j human
15m charmed - 5/25/91
16j tastes
17m drink - 7/7/91
18j inside
19m fiber - 7/20/91
20j share
21m cal-tenn - 8/24/91
22j houses
23j our faces
24m prime - 9/8/91
25j her
26m animal - 11/3/91
27m men - 11/3/91
28j mountain record
29m phone bill- 12/2/91
30j stop
31m mouth - 5/31/92
32j licorice
33m cows - 6/18/92
34j home cooking
35m onene$$
36j kick out of get

man o fart his-story - a whirl
cover m
1j whirl
2m here's
3j amen
4m stepfather
5j rtweek
6m just
7j x-ray
8m one
9j gentlemanly
10m some
11j fine art
12m weekend
13j hunter
14m live
15j history
16m brotherly love
17j pilot house
18m special
19j poetree
20m guide
21j tarot
22m his
23j was
24m tom
25j sporting
26m penitent
published by jeanne emrich in one of her visual books. Jemrich@aol.com'
27j priced

hang up- nymphing

cover m
1m hang
2j fighting
3m going
4j hers
5m can
6j vant
7m my mail
8j my male
9m if
10j yosemite
11m womo
published online 'from the mountain' 1999
[photo: wanda harris, gloria steinem & mm appalachian state university, march 1982]
12j discantvs
13m mary
14j sonia
15m judy
16j rises
17m speaking of money
18j dream
19m super
20j berlin gallery
21m mm art
22j our art






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