Beads 'N Beyond
A group of beaders who meet on the third Saturday of the month from 1 - 3 p.m. at the Gualala Arts Center

started in January, 2007       

Interested in beads or coming to our bead meetings?

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Jane Reichhold




The Beads 'N Beyound group is still growing, still finding out who knows what and wants to learn what else. Each month we bring our newest works for a "show and tell' table where we also put catalogs and magazines for others to have.

show table

The meetings are very informal. Sometimes there is a theme or we all learn a new technique together. Very often people just work on what they have been doing. Sometimes a few persons will want to learn a new technique so any one who knows it will gather the interested around the end of one of the tables and teach them.

The emphasis for the meetings is sharing information, techniques, ideas and places to shop.

There are no dues, no hierarchy. Sue Hansen sends out e-mail reminders each month. On occasion some have needed to learn more and have gone to Sue or Jane's house for an afternoon of one-on-lessons.

Below are some photos taken at the November meeting.


Sue had been given a pile of beads she did not want. This gave us the idea of making our December meeting a Bead Bazaar so we could give and get new inspiration. Below are the necklaces I made from pieces on the gave away table.


The bean and clay bead "head" are from Sue. The Nigerian agate is from Rhonda Teplow.

garnet rings


pink rings






Okay, here are some shots of bead works I have shown in previous shows.



"The Creative Spirit"
June, 2005 at the Gualala Arts Center













"Another Creative Spirit" 



September, 2006




Beaux Esprits Members' Show at Point Arena CityArt
July 2 - July 28, 2006

"NobleNecklace" Diachronic fused glass and hex-cut Delica beads in the peyote stitch.


45th Art in the Redwoods Festival
August 19 - September 3, 2006

"The Pot that Loves Beads"

"For Jane From Tarzan" - Judges' Award


Environmental Exhibit at Gualala Arts
September 9 - October 8, 2006

"It Pays to Pick Up Litter" winner of the Environmental Award given by
The Friends of Gualala River

(Each piece of this recycled litter contains an artwork of varying value. Participants were encourage to "pick up the litter" to get their surprise prize. The goal is to have every piece taken away by the end of the show.)


red stella - a fabulous gift shop in the Cypress Village in Gualala is now showing my beaded necklaces



John Rizzi - Lampbead maker in Guerneville (just down the street from Coffee Bazaar) and I worked together to make necklaces he now has for sale in his brand-new store.



Love & Hate Show
October 14 - November 5, 2006
Gualala Arts

"Coming Out to Mother"  14" diameter
(The previous title to this was: "Secret Thoughts Made Visible.")



Knot Chromatic Riff
13 ft x 8 ft.




After the show closed, I was invited to take my mermaid and install her on the trail on the Gualala Arts Center grounds. I added pots to come up with a new version of "It Takes a Village."



August 17 - 19, 2007
 Art in the Redwoods at Gualala Arts


Beaded Sketchbook
30" x 18"
Pages from my sketchbooks recreated with 90,000 glass beads.

Page, text and photos Copyright by Jane Reichhold 2007.