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Laura Leigh

no wind
a single leaf falls
catching my breath

2nd Place Winner in the 2012 ukiaHaiku Festival


On a walk near my pond in late December 2011, the falling of a single leaf caught my attention and my breath in its silent desent to the earth. It is a moment cherished and the stone's shape brought it to the Haiku.Stone Path.



Laura Leigh has lived on the North Coast for 40 years. She had raised four children and now enjoys time with them and her grandchildren.

Ms. Leigh began writing haiku in 2003 and published the book, The Garden is my Lover, in 2012. She is working on a CD with shakuhachi player Karl Young to bring together haiku and bamboo flute music to be released in December. 2013.

Laura Leigh's book is available at the Four-eyed Frog Book Store in downtown Gualala or contact her by e-mail at:
































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