“Life Is Having The Courage To Grow”

Poems by

Judith Lynne Le Gras

Cover by Mary Anne Nikkel The creation of this book was inspired with love, through love.
I dedicate my works to the world to which they belong. A special thank-you to the guiding forces of my life;
you know who you are.

Thank-you Mom; I love you.

The Gift

From brashly youth
to years wore on
the young mans dream
is all but gone

The body struggles
to move along
the heart won't feel
the feet drag on

Spirit cracked
soul unbroken…
he sits up
he has woken

The mind a mirror
and so he sees
that youth is his
and will always be

A Moment Through Time

When the time came
for me to go
I was thrilled with memories
I now know

Time spent with you
will always be
and for this
I truly thank thee

Life for me
will never be the same
for there you were
and out I came

Thoughts, dreams
and wishes too
will always lead me
back to you

The Glory To Be

Movement is action
your goals are the way
the creation of something
when nothing does play

The juggler of notes
from body to soul
draw forth from the knowing
in total control

The silence runs deep
it guides from within
all thoughts serenade
emerge and begin

Believe in the power
which caresses the heart
manifest to beyond
what once was your start

The Cultured Man

With break of dawn
his day began
the power of passion
does move his mind

The earth reveals
his tender touch
down orchard fields
he loves so much

A seed was planted
one day to find
no other love
lived in his mind

To sow and reap
life's treasure bed
this patient man
does rest his head

The Gift Of A Friend

I sit by you
and count my blessing
your world of truth
in me now resting

Accepting self
displayed in ways
the spirit of soul
to lead my days

The growth surrounds
my simple being
to care for ways
your heart is seeing

No longer inclined
to reach and find
love breathes within
the heart of mind

Touch Of Hand

And so you ask
and I do write
the song which lives
in me tonight

I leave this day
a richer being
to thank-you both
for truly seeing

With open heart
your kindness spread
the fresh cut flowers
beside my bed

The garden tour
and dreams ahead
the raspberry jam
and homemade bread

The stories shared
from deep inside
a life of moments
the harvest of pride

And so you ask
and I do write
my grateful heart
does sing tonight

The Eyes Of Love

Take hold my hand
and see with your heart
one touches the other
all shadows depart

Believe in the magic
faith working through love
the promise unfolds
as told from above

Loving is touching
with hands of the heart
true brilliance and luster
the beauty to start

Bathe in the glory
the arms of delight
nuzzled in warmth
horizons of white

We're not so different
you and I
we think, we feel
we even cry

Hidden Passage

Echoes of passion
the whispering mind
a breath to the knowing
of greatness divine

Fresh and alive
beyond human wonder
to sense every fiber
with touches of thunder

Feel with your soul
through storms of the head
and trust in the way
the echoes have led

Dusk until dawn
love carries true
above and beyond
as lived by you

The Elegance Of Being

Your memory lives through
the mind of my heart
no matter the distance
we're never apart

The treasures I fondle
when I picture you
the warmth and the softness
in all that you do

To the moon and back
my measure of love
an endless circle
down then above

The little wise woman
whom I love so much
dwells forever within
the heart of touch

Something To Share

And with all love
the answers lay
true warmth of peace
to comfort your day

Cozy and safe
in the arms of prayer
remember when
no thoughts to care

To pains of heart
began to grow
emotional sadness
a gentle flow

confused by questions
the heart did race
forgetting that love
knew how to face

My loyal companion
was always there
the softness of love
was something to share

Go forth to find
and trust the way
within your heart
the answers lay

Moral Embrace

God's love is free
the great I am
emerge through fear
a heart which can

Have faith in self
and take a hand
to walk amongst
your common man

Love touched my life
so I touch you
with joy to live
a life that's true

I walk, I talk
a step I take
to live the life
the choice I make

Silence Of The Soul

With the touch of her hand
she caresses my soul
onto the path we wonder
in search of the way

To know that I am
all freedom of choice
to follow the light
as dawn has arose

With memory burns love
the mind stands still
secrets in flight
the silence of soul

To sit in silence
through pains of rapture
true faith of heart
your turning point

listen to the silence
listen to your soul

Eternal Promise

Each year of my life
until it is through
I will plant a seed
in remembrance of you

My life to flourish
just like the tree
to live in ways
revealed to me

Each year I will harvest
my crop with love
in remembrance to you
giving thanks from above

Throughout The Day

Caressing souls
the spirit to fly
burdens to share
the faith is high

The power to trust
blows through the night
it falls within
a heart in flight

It's there to hold
and rest your head
to strengthen your soul
when it must be fed

When the earth does rock
love powers through
encouraging pride
to walk with you

With open arms
and head held high
love tugs at the heart
giving courage to try

Breath Of Heaven

Our story began
in the month of May
while trusting one voice
to lead the way

In the garden of life
we spend our days
learning how to care
in gentle ways

All training of passion
does echo the plans
to walk our path
with loving hands

Seeds were sown
during the month of May
nourished and blossomed
then sent their way

Reflections Beyond

Sacred sounds of nothing
brushed on a velvet sky
ascending warmth upon the flesh
to sense the reason why

Love energy in motion
pulled heartstrings of the soul
all giving is receiving
flaming embers long control

Everlasting kiss of kindness
caresses through the wake
meeting fragments of the glory
mirrors heaven for the take


The heart knows life
and as it's seen
that life will be
that of the dream

Whatever the cost
step forth in trust
the journey of passion
a life that must

Clues are scattered
along the way
pick up the challenge
and begin to play

All men die
but do they live?
to taste the purpose
the dream does give

Fragrance Of Life

The glory of her world
burst forth caressing pride
integrity in motion
the softness of her stride

Mysterious world of mercy
all strength revealing praise
the gentle brush of angel wings
reflection of her days

The candle light does flicker
a marvelous display
the precious glow of kindness
shared vision to the way

Happiness made perfect
a being of that love
the burning warmth of wonder
true elegance in love

Magical Design

With time at hand
I plot my course
to ride upon
the golden horse

The directions to follow
within my heart
to know just how
and when to start

It came to me
in peaceful slumber
the results of thoughts
thinking, and wonder

My day to be
living out that plan
my actions reveal
to know I can

Calmness of power
to lead the way
harmonious living
repays the day

Music Of The Mind

The truth is flying on high
grasp at the wind
and you will see
it lies within the palm of hand

To twist and twirl
with life of its own
linked to imagination
nourishing the blossom

Having faith of self
to reach above
the search to begin
with inner love

So dream away
beyond belief
for twilight's harbor
is yours to keep

Symphony Of Prayer

Stay well my friend
whenever to be
for you will live
forever in me

You've filled my heart
with a lifetime of laughter
for the present
and the after

You lessen the pain
of earthly struggle
with the touch of your hand
and a wordless snuggle

The passage of time
together to share
encouraged with love
the building of care

Bathed in fond memory
of quiet respect
you live in my thoughts
and always reflect

The Heart Sings On

Now I see
it happens fast
the beauty of life
will always last

Now I see
through all you do
your love is solid
forever true

Now I see
you held my heart
and caressed the sadness
the sorrow to part

Now I see
the wonderful you
who has never changed
your point of view

Now I see
unforgettable you
with soothing touch
you love me too

Eloquent Gestures

The body is a servant
a worker of the mind
the guidance of soul is pure
within all thoughts to find

Encouraged with desire
the stirring of the heart
the soul leads on in vigor
building spirit to your start

Angels of the freedom
develop along the way
through effort and with practice
harmonizing every day

Aspire to example
the righteous way of flesh
embellish in the glory
the higher self to mesh

With Attitude Of Heart

The power to believe in
the magic of the mind
to live the life imagined
no limits create design

Your vision is the promise
of what you will become
exact results of action
lived through a noble mind

Adventure through the weakness
pure thoughts to crystallize
etched within the passion
the author of your drive

Blinded to the past
no turning back of time
you simply are the master
abundance yours to find

The strength of heart has risen
to conquer and achieve
exquisite warmth of splendor
the peacefulness received

The Light Of The World

The secret message
from up above
belongs to the world
delivered with love

I searched for hope
and to believe
then came my time
one moonlit eve

Love came to me
on the prayer of a star
never to leave
always near, not far

It was always there
written in the light
above the world
each and every night

The Scarlet Covenant

You revealed the way
through pure devotion
unselfish thoughts
escorting motion

Quality living
of noble structure
conceived in thoughts
higher levels of mind

The horizon of white
a sacred place
privileged by effort
to lead the way

My Right Side

A lifetime of love
written in your eyes
the warmth of the past
and forgotten good-byes

Two hearts reached out
and touched for awhile
forever to live
through a hug and a smile

Harmony in sharing
encouraged embrace
united together
one dream to unlace

Supported by passion
the desire to love
a reflection of self
connected through love

The Invincible Duo

Where do I begin
how do I start
to count all the smiles
you've brought to my heart

Your loving gestures
and gentle ways
the softness that surrounds you
throughout your days

Evolving perfection
the light in you I see
a lasting impression
to the very depths of me

You make me laugh
deep in my soul
and I'll do anything
to keep us whole

Playgrounds Of The Mind

You are my thoughts
a reflection of beauty
listening with heart
to the breath of my soul

Traveling visions
joined in earnest
powering onward
towards the narrowing

The entrance is slight
human form to shed
with faith at hand
the journey through

Releasing frailty
accepting self
to dare and stretch
the living being

The gate in sight
within the reach
to know and touch
is but to trust

Inner Silence

Unraveled with the stages
through moments of traveling time
revealed upon the pages
the phases of my mind

The cleaning out of closets
a mental image formed
walk towards the vision
the creation of life adorned

Strength to every weakness
a listening heart takes flight
to believe that God exists
to know I've one thing right

Touched By Love

I have more to give
with extended hand
to the following heart
of an asking man

Filled with the glory
an innocent flame
charged by the honor
to repay what came

To touch the light
within all souls
connecting of power
the force controls

Thankful for moments
a tender heart prays
grateful to thought
burning memory stays

Colorful Sounds Of Dancing Feet

Rhythm of life
the drum does play
heartbeat in motion
celebrating the day

Respecting tears
poured from the heart
releasing of sorrow
the cleansing to start

Human emotions
a signal from God
the soul of action
mind and body nod

Prosperity for all
compassion lives on
the world is sight
all hurt has gone

The skies to open
the earth to be
a loving place
for you and me

Eliminating pain
along the way
the love of life
the drum to play

The Power Of Love

We all possess
just what it takes
to live the life
which happiness makes

To believe in self
and trust the way
having faith of action
to obey t he day

The work at start
within a crawl
one thousand steps
the heart feels all

Exhale the fear
then walk away
the breath of love
will power the day

A World Of Lace

Powerful and mighty
beginning just to bend
one extremely modest being
to lovingly depend

Infusion of the spirit
caressing the mind
the whispering heart of soul
a thought for man to find

Extravagance awarded
embodied through the form
enduring all emotion
abiding threatening storm

Rendezvous within the vision
the mind to amplify
majestic life in stages
conduct to dignify

Human emancipation
to power to ascend
embracing elated union
forever to transcend

Reminiscent of the brightness
appearance to its kind
confluent of the knowing
aligned and intertwined

The Light Of Day

Walk by faith
down roads of glory
concrete steps
in clouds of vision

Take a chance
and recreate
nurturing the future
from the other side

Trust the way
within your being
the monster fear
to disappear

Strength to push
the changes made
freedom of peace
and growth within

Written On The Wind

Go inside
and feel the pull
the answers are there
for you to know

Ask for guidance
the way to see
a grateful heart
will let it be

It may come
through any way
stay alert to clues
in what they say

Your path to shine
if you are ready
the pace is fast
the work is steady

The rewards to relish
earned through your day
not a moment was wasted
and yet you play

Mind and body
and soul unit
infinite peace
throughout your flight

Silent Perfection

Replace faith and trust
for doubt and fear
and you will see
the vision clear

Allow the thought
to pave the way
encompass your life
throughout the day

Extensive passion
afforded the dream
providing abundance
a brilliance seen

Time has polished
a talent in stride
the world to love
surmounting pride

Attitude of heart
is all to the plan
glide forth and cherish
reality at hand

The Rising Tide

Venture upon
a spiritual sailing
advance through waters
the captain of self

A singular being
of multiple structure
to rise above
the human ego

Earthly sacrifices
must be made
if you dare to reach
the sacred place

The guardians hand
to stroke the challenge
individual trust
the comfort of thanks

Lost And Found

I yearn to touch you
with my mind
and guide the way
it's yours to find

Experience gained
through work and play
I dare to uncover
an easier way

Positive thought
in all you do
will lessen the pain
and struggle too

In time you'll see
if open in mind
that life can be
joyous and kind

Poetic Motion

I knew at a glance
a spirit in flight
the voice of an angel
a holy delight

Inspired by actions
a peaceably glow
your loving way
was mine to know

I valued your being
and voiced my thought
from that day forward
a friendship brought

Resembling hearts
adding light to shade
the sharing of time
the choices made

Valor to lead
the soul ablaze
embracing freedom
closing the maze

A kinship lives
within the soul
forever to build
we're on a roll

Together encouraged
throughout the day
a friendship eternal
it lights the way

The North Star

A tug at the heart
the twinge of pain
a signal to self
illuminating a change

Passage through thought
the mind perplexed
the desire of being
escorts the steps

Modify labor
pursuing with trust
simplicity of self
a human display

At play in fields
the being to fly
the earthly soul
to thrust on high

Pure Thought

The gathering is hopeful
united in flight
with harmony in sharing
the element is right

Inner decisions
the flesh to mold
to be the goodness
that life behold

Loving and caring
the actions to be
a picture to paint
the world to see

The brightness created
with energy flow
the purpose of living
a love to sow

Simply Being

Music is a gift
a reflection of the heart
there is no mystery
where love must start

A masterpiece created
through pure emotion
a dream beyond
one simple notion

Embracing perfection
with every note
a treasure exposed
the blessing wrote

Gently touched
the essence to grow
a spirit within
the beauty to show

The Eye Of Perception

The world is a teacher
to all willing students
drawn to the opportunity
wrapped and tied

Not always clear
the direction to travel
but always aware
the value of now

With mind at rest
the soul to play
gathering knowledge
to lead the way

Focus on passion
which flames the heart
and trust your being
to create your start

The Circle Of Love

As I sit and ponder
on what to say
or how to explain
my feeling of today

I have no words
to express my thoughts
they pale in contract
to the expansion of my heart

So I sit in silence
my being aglow
reflecting the kindness
of the human soul

A tear does trickle
down a smiling face
to know that love
has found a place

Sunshine, Blue Skies And Little Wonders

My little companion
has just turned four
she carries such wisdom
and lets it soar

My years are many
hers are few
but together we share
a simple point of view

To live are days
full and complete
with lust for life
our souls did meet

To see her being
within my mind
displays a world
for all to find

The Mystical World Of Illusion

Intellectual chatter
within the brain
will cause the heart
to live in pain

The power of mind
will breathe through soul
when connected to self
with magnetic pull

The teacher to guide
if open to see
there are no limits
in you nor me

Angelic Whispers

With eyes wide open
the miles to trek
to waste no time
on looking back

To focus on passion
within the soul
to share that feeling
for all to know

To have a mission
is to have that dream
with the grace of God
it will be seen

Ancient Travels

Imagine your life
in the way to be
and live towards
that reality

Your thoughts to lead
behaviors to follow
committing to action
unfolding through time

So choose what you need
discard the rest
for the lighter your load
the easier your quest

The Golden Chalice

What do I want?
How much do I need?
For it shall be mine
if taken without greed

God to provide
our every need
and we in charge
seen through our deed

What is success
if only a word
the challenge of nobility
progressing through time

Utilizing our desires
to their fullest extent
is a life accomplished
and time well spent

The Pains Of Passion

Prayer is a tool
to cleanse the soul
with mind to focus
on a new tomorrow

Never to ask why
but a chance to see
a lesson to learn
the growth of me

To know that God
is always there
he is present
with every prayer

With strength of courage
to face each day
my choice to be
in honor of thee

The Waking Journey

To believe
is then to see
beyond the vision
once held to be

One cannot fail
for it is shown
the attempt alone
reveals a great success

In a heart which glows
with the faith to follow
it will travel forever
through the grace of love

The Brass Ring

With open hand
it was shown to be
the way of life
for humanity

When people touch
and dare to share
the world gains
with love to spare

Love and kindness
faith and hope
to keep life simple
for all to cope

The stranger enters
a person departs
the friendship remains
within two hearts

Forever Young

Through eyes of thought
my life to see
beyond the form
which houses me

My higher power
revealed to me
that inner being
is reality

Creating thoughts
with power to mold
a loving world
if shared and told

Love and respect
fore every being
the world to grow
by simply seeing

It all will start
through you and me
when raising children
with eyes that see

To have a love
to pass it on
the way in which
the world belongs

Love And Laughter

For those
who spoil me

through life
we share

the simple wonders
of those who care

with great love

Butterfly Kisses

And through the mist
I touched his face
and it was then
my passion raced

I touched a stranger
or was it he
for when we parted
my soul was free

Beyond the moment
I am grateful to say
the essence of me
relished queen for a day

Sky Blue

Rise again
in ways to see
beyond an image
once thought to be

Make the time
to re-define
your way of life
and what you see

Throwing pebbles
skipping stones
having faith
it all leads home

One Wish

My life prepared
for just we two
my actions speak
they call to you

To feel your pain
within the wind
to do my best
just to begin

Within my heart
to feel the right
releasing thoughts
within the night

Stepping forward in time
is all I see
leaving the rest
up to me

The Loyal Archer

Distant rapture
is but a touch
with love to pierce
an armored heart

With heart and soul
the winds to carry
a soothing arrow
to cease the pain

Through loving hands
the shadows to walk
caressing life,
spirit and thought

Love's Midnight Gardener

Timing is time
and time passes by
unless with heart
one chooses to start

Within the soul
the truth is known
planted in mind
the seeds are sown

The moment to cease
a future to capture
the ups and downs
a life there after

To see and feel
to live and be
are all the wants
I desire of me

Heart In Motion

To move
is but a word
the thought is there
the motion not

In dreams to love
no fear to stop
in day to feel
that you cannot

To embrace my life
in fields of nothing
to watch a brilliant sunset
darken with despair

I love for love
with lasting emotion
the chains to break
which encompass my heart

Secret Dreams

You entered my life
the challenge met
my life is yours
with no regret

To look at time
no longer blind
you are a gift
your fathers and mine

Your life to be
the best we see
and if we're wrong
please, forgive me

Black And White

What is right
and what is wrong?
is not the way
I want to belong

Outer thoughts
are not for me
they do not fit
my life nor me

To know me
is to see
I am the way
I choose to be

Touch Down

The greatest test of all
is when you're weak
and then you fall,
and fall…

The mind so sane
it will remain
all dreams at bay
will not dismay

A time of confusion
the mind at play
a game of questions
then, the next day

The Master's Plan

I see
I feel
I want
I wait

I want
I want
I want
I want

I wait
I wait
I wait
I wait

I wait
I hate waiting
I hate waiting
I tire of waiting

But I desire
so I wait
I wait
I receive

Eight Bells

I exhaust my being
to tire the mind
but thoughts of you
are all I find

Could I be so wrong
in how I feel
to believe in something
that just isn't real

To live my life
using signals within
to find that now
is where to begin

I shake my head
in disbelief
and trust my soul
with all I know

The Joy

Many years I have traveled
to the dance of life
the days full
the emptiness felt

With hunger to share
knowing one day to find
a searching soul
with a longing for mine

My faith but a whisper
to the passion in my heart
united through love
infinity to start

Bright Eyes

A friend like you
will always be
for you have touched
the heart of me

With lust for life
your spirit soars
it is your gift
and opens doors

Happiness radiates
in all you do
and I am honored
to be a friend to you

Not To Fear

To be woke
from the grand illusion
the shattering of doubts
with gentle fusion

To walk in life
with reckless notion
denial to alter
numb to emotion

Your friendship solid
within my heart
the waking of mind
a fresh new start

The words to hear
to see them clear
to touch the soul
and speak what's dear

Open Window

Through heartfelt love
that meant to be
reveals the moon
reaching out for me

With gentle touch
and warm embrace
the moment's right
to give love flight

Towards the vision
one must travel
conquering demons
which cloud the path

The treasure found
within your being
a world to share
a life worth seeing

My Angel

With loving care
I will place
a tender kiss
upon your face

In gentle slumber
sweet prince do rest
and feel the warmth
within your chest

I love you

Phantom Love

With the strength of courage
pushing back in time
reliving moments
that crush the spine

The rebuilding of life
when you are ready
can only be
with a soul that's steady

To have a love
to want to share
is to receive that love
without beware

While standing firmly
on both the feet
will be the day
true love can meet

Cross Roads

From a greater source
it will be shown
when the time is right
for me to be going

With many a sorrow
but no regret
the rewards are mine
not to forget

Exhausting powers
never dreamed to be
the feelings are warm
and remain in me

The day will come
for me to feel
the onward motion
of the path revealed

Heard In Silence

To not at least try
is not to live
but to die

The beauty of courage
using depth of self
is the true meaning
of the inner being

Words are silent
to the sounds of action
to see your sadness
heard on a face of pain

Through time and space
I set my pace
and continue on
until it's gone

Day Break

To be a woman
can be a curse
the clicking of thoughts
what could be worse

A situation arises
the answer found
but what do we do
we make it mound

The mind divided
each taking a part
the playing of games
they stop, they start

The fog is heavy
the answer there
it blinks like a beacon
but do we care

Embrace the magic
the light reveals
walk through the mist
confusion steals

My Friend And Me

The sun on my face
the wind through my hair
the living of life
with one to share

A feeling in my heart
that knows you care
to sense the love
when you're not there

Having faith to see
above all thoughts
the strength of passion
to untangle knots

Life is a list
of so many things
but without your love
just a day it brings

Silent Conversation

The space is there
your presence felt
each day I pray
your heart will melt

No words to speak
my actions clear
but are they such
only I can hear

On shimmering glass
I float away
the morning bright, crisp and clear
I love my life and hold it dear

I think I'll stay
and sail away
at least until
the night meets day

My mind at rest
my soul at play
my thoughts are deep
but in you sweep

Two Headed Coin

He's a person
with mind and soul
and what's best for him
only he can know

From where it comes
I do not know
the feeling is something
that just won't go

Reminded each day
through work and play
I know my life
will be O.K.


The days drift by
and I sadly sigh
what have I done
and question whyBR>
I once was happy
what said good-bye
always searching
and then I cry

My eyes are closed
I dare to see
a clearer reflection
of a smaller me

Darkness surrounds
I'm consumed with fear ay
desire pulling
towards the mirror

The doors are heavy
but on I goas wrong
from where to what
I do not know

I'm in a hall
I can feel the wall
I take a step
only to fall

I know I am safe
I can feel the wall
I take a step
Only to fall

I know I am safe
Within this place
Her spirit light
A bright, young face

Once more we touch
I hold her near
reclaiming feelings
I held so dear

Together we'll stay
from day to day
to live and learn
and play and play

I let her go
but I was wrong
for without her love
there is no song

The Beginning

Loneliness to be
a state of mind
it can be cruel
it can be kind

A time for growth
and reflection
learned through disappointment
and rejection

With counted heart beats
in a life time
keep your space
till the right time

Your peace of mind
will lead you through
the actions felt
are best for you

Walk On

Change is growth
and so you see
that fear will fuel
a man to be

Feel the source
then set it free
your thoughts the guide
the answers your key

The Silver Frame

Memories are important
they make you happy
they make you sad
they make you think
of times been had

A time relived
that meant to be
a moment shared
in you and me

Moments pass
a lifetime seen
your smiling heart
not with me

The strength was ours
or thought to be
now realizing
the love in me

Memories are important
they make you happy
they make you smile
they make you feel
that life's worthwhile

Circles And Squares

To see mans
truest form
just close your eyes
and open the mind

The image perceived
must be believed
it reveals all angles
and will not deceive

Good or bad
is not a choice
listen to your heart
to the inner voice

True Love

To be understanding
is easy
to understand
means having faith

One takes another
for who they are
but do we accept
their differences

Loving and caring are expressed
through words and actions
what then
does anger reveal

My desire
is happiness
the independence
to choose

To live
in peace
with my
every choice

Where hurt
is not an action
because my love
has faith in me

The Essence Of Life

I lovingly accept
your gift of love to me
with honor and
without reservation

With complete trust in God
to lead the way
with respect for your being
to follow my heart

From this day on
letting my actions
reveal my unconditional
love to you

You are my world
that will always be
united as one
forever free

The Other Shoe

The depth of my love
for you will be
the result of a life
between you and me

As two elderly people
we'll sit
sharing precious
moments passed

A time where words
have no meaning
and the petty differences
you always forget

A warm and glowing
smile will appear
the eyes will close
the head will nod

And I will see
that you now know
the depth of my love
for thee

A Better Place

On billowing clouds
my heart will rest
doing only
what feels best

A voice I'll hear
my head will rumble
and from my soul
the answer tumbles

My spirit will blossom
just like a flower
the petals passed on
through a hidden power

The sky so open
the earth so large
all children will see
the world to be

Open Sky

To know my thoughts
to know my needs
to feel my fears
lessen in me

The dark is good
and I now see
a place to grow
the inner me

The unknown can be
such a scary place
but imagine the happiness
that comes with faith

My Knight

Dark clouds appear
refusing to run
the love of others
the steps of one

All thoughts of anguish
exhaustion near
the longing for comfort
the releasing of fear

One day he'll come
and rescue me
shinning armor
will set me free

My eyes will close
with steel embrace
the peace of love
worn on my face

A Smiling Face

Precious child
so full of love
an empty day
took you away

Tears are shed
to have you near
touched by memories
you're present here

Confusion felt
by ones so dear
your faith in love
will hold t hem near

The cold is felt
that time must clear
the years pass by
and still a tear

Your soul to be
a spirit free
the strength of love
remember thee

The Spirit World

Through a full length mirror
I do see
more than what
reflects back at me
The skin is light
the hair is fair
all the parts
I know are there

The heart pumps wildly
to understand me
knowing there's more
then what I see

My light does glow
as I pass by
always encouraged
to give a hi

When thoughts are clear
I do share
with the world
in which I care

Giving is receiving
the pleasure of things
the joy is in living
that happiness brings

Letting go is a feeling
a song to the heart
the love is forever
never to part

Higher Ground

Looking on past
to the other side
feelings of love
to be the guide

The ups and downs
and times that flow
will never change
the strength to grow

The trust in me
for all to see
is something within
forever to be

The love is ours
to be set free
in a world of bliss
to touch and see

Vision Quest - A Thin Line

One day to reach
the place to be
and it will come
through you and me

A place beyond
the world we'll see
were food, nor drink
nor air we'll need

With open sails
we'll set our course
the passion within
our directing force

To look, to think
to even stare
to feel and see
what's really there

Black Jack-Glen

While I stay here
you're off to think
through the heart
my thoughts will blink

The power within
makes it clear
to follow the truth
and what is dear

I sit back
and feel the pain
seeing nothing buy joy
the world to gain

Respecting the need
the time to clear
hurtful feelings
branded near

Praying only
for what is best
to you and me
through your quest


I desire my life
to be
the greatest gift
I give to me

To think and dream
of the days ahead
knowing through life
I will not tread

To know that now
is not a why
and pushing past
the need to cry

Round 2

When all hopes and dreams
seem out of reach

And pieces at hand
don't go as planned

See through in life
the steps to change

Then take the time
to re-arrange

Fast Forward

Time seems endless
slowly floating by
not a word is heard
I must not try

Through sleep you enter
every solitary thought
my life goes on
buy me heart is caught

The distance felt
seen through your past
all failures relived
the pictures cast

Your thought to be
the steps of motion
present to future
your only notion

I dare to reach
and hold you near
I long to touch
and call you Dear

The clouds to lift
and then the rains
through letting go
in life one gains


If never again
we do meet
I'd like to say
it was a treat

Your flashing smile
did spark my heart
and I felt laughter
right from the start

with happy heart
I fondly view
stay well my friend
thanks to you

A Step

A thought
to think
to do
it's done

There's always
in completing

Red Roses, Blue Birds

My life was spent
not knowing why
you breathe, you live
and then you die

As time went by
I grew to see
that life was now
the inner me

Spirit weeds through
the garden of fear
heart knowing
what holds dear

The thoughts of one
the love of two
a wall crumbles
and then a few

Warmth rushes
through open vain
power created
to break the chains

With open heart
I see to fly
no long blind
I reach the sky

Be Yourself

I have a gift………………
that gift is me.

Thank-you God

The Dream

Dreams are the way
which life will be
for the dreamer
which is me

They are my thoughts
and guidance too
of things I hope
will come true

so let me dream
that I can see
the person which
I pray to be


Excitement and adventure
willed her there
but in the morning
the child could not care
Nightfall had brought
yet another day
the girl no longer
able to play

Spirit crushed
for some a small token
her faith in love
had now been broken

Body shattered
pretending to care
her thoughts not knowing
how to share

The music drove
her fears away
her mind decided
it would stay

Her loving foundation
had made it safe
denial had found
its rightful place

Fear had chased her
through the years
the woman now
could feel the tears