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Here is a collection of articles about and how to write haiku. I hope something here will prove helpful to you. \o/ Jane


Fragment and Phrase Theory
Jane Reichhold

Haiku Rules That Have Come and Gone - Take Your Pick
Jane Reichhold

Haiku Techniques by Jane Reichhold

A Discussion about the "Old pond" Haiku by Basho
Jane Reichhold

Ask Haikujane

Metaphor in Basho's Haiku by Jane Reichhold

Berry Blue Haiku Magazine for Young Readers
Jane Reichhold

The Why In The Way Of Haiku
Jane Reichhold

Apples, Apples and Haiku or Why We Don't Need Senryu Jane Reichhold

Senryu As a Dirty Word
Jane Reichhold

Links To The Past - An Article about Shiki
Jane Reichhold

Haiku Education: An Oxymoron
Haiku: Poetry’s Stepchild Orphan
Jane Reichhold

Jane Attends a Poetry Class
and Writes some. . .


Talk given at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, California on April 28, 2009

Ukiahaiku Festival Workshop

Talk for ukiaHaiku Festival May 1, 2005

To the Poets at the November, 1992, HPNC Meeting,


Ami Kaye Interviews Jane Reichhold

An Interview with Jane Reichhold by D. S. LLITERAS

Dialogue with a Poet: Jane Reichhold

Nanette Wylde of San Francisco Interview
with Jane Reichhold

Robert Wilson Interview for Simply Haiku




Jane Reichhold was born in Lima, Ohio, 1937 and grew up in Rockford and Pandora. She attended Bluffton College, Ohio and Fresno State University, Fresno, California. She is the mother of three children – Heidi, Bambi, and Hans. Jane owned a ceramic workshop studio in Dinuba, CA 1967-1971. She moved to Hamburg, West Germany in 1971 when she married Werner Reichhold. There she became the first American woman artist accepted into Deutsche Kunstlerbund [German Artists' Organization]. Back in the States in 1987 she founded AHA Books Publishing Company, and the magazine Mirrors International Haiku Forum.She started the Tanka Splendor Awards (previously named Mirrors International Tanka Awards) in 1989, a contest which continues yearly. Co-Editor, with Werner Reichhold, of LYNX, a journal for linking poets with renga, ghazals, haibun, and tanka since 1993 the pair has offered poets a valuable online presence since 2000. She had previously put AHA!POETRY on the web on December 7th ,1995. Jane Reichhold was twice winner of the Museum of Haiku Literature Award in Tokyo and three-time winner of a Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award: Tigers In A Tea Cup, Silence, and A Dictionary of Haiku. Winner of numerous haiku awards, including second place in the 1987 Japan Air Lines contest and in the Itoen Tea Company Award in 1992. She has published over thirty books of tanka, renga, haiku and other poetry and her papers are being archived at the American Haiku Archives in the State Library of California, in Sacramento, California.

Shadows on an Open Window, 89 pp., Humidity Productions: 1979.
Installation: Collage in Space, Humidity Productions: 1982.
From the Dipper...Drops, Humidity Productions: 1983.
Duet for One Mirror, Humidity Productions: 1984.
Thumbtacks on a Calendar, Humidity Productions: 1985.
Reissnaegal auf einem Kalender, 1985, - Translation of Thumbtacks in German).
Cherries/Apples, Humidity Productions: 1986.
Graffiti, Humidity Productions: 1986.
As Stones Cry Out, Humidity Productions: 1987.
Tigers in a Tea Cup, AHA Books: 1988. Haiku Society Merit Book Award
The Land of Seven Realms, Edited. AHA Books: 1988.
A Literary Curiosity: Pyramid Renga "Open,” with Bambi Walker, AHA Books: 1989.
Narrow Road to Renga, AHA Books: 1989.
A Gift of Tanka, AHA Books: 1990.
Those Women Writing Haiku. AHA Online Book: 1990 - 2001
Round Renga Round,  Edited AHA Books: 1990.
silence, AHA Books: 1991. Haiku Society Merit Book Award.
A Dictionary of Haiku, AHA Books: 1992.
Trashopper Haique, AHA Books: 1992.
Classical Mega-Brain Potential, AHA Books: 1992.
Inksmith, with Werner Reichhold. AHA Books: 1992.
Wave of Mouth Stories, AHA Books: 1993.
A Dictionary of Haiku as Four Seasons, bilingual English–Chinese, 1991.
Oracle, with Werner Reichhold. AHA Books: 1993.
Wind Five Folded, Edited with Werner Reichhold. AHA Books: 1992
Bowls I Buy, AHA Online Book: 1996.
Banana Skies – A Play. AHA Online Book: 1997.
Giants’ Highway. AHA Online Book: 1993.
In the Presence, with Werner Reichhold, AHA Books: 1997.
Invitation, with Werner Reichhold. AHA Books: 1998.
Geography Lens, AHA Books: 1999.
Her Alone AHA Online Book: 2001.
Journal Journeys. AHA Online Book: 2002.
Writing and Enjoying Haiku: A Hands-On Guide, Kodansha: 2003.
Ten Years Haikujane, AHA Books: 2008
Basho The  Complete Haiku, Kodansha: 2008
Circus Forever, AHA Books: 2010
Psalms of the New Testament, AHA Books 2010
A Book of Hours for the Grateful Heart, AHA Books: 2010
Taking Tanka Home, AHA Books: 2010

Books of Translation with Hatsue Kawamura

White Letter Poems by Saito Fumi, AHA Books:1998.
Heavenly Maiden Tanka by Akiko Baba,  AHA Books:1999.
A String of Flowers, Untied. . .
Love Poems from Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, Stone Bridge Press: 2002.
Breasts of Snow: The Life and Tanka of Fumiko Nakajo, The Japan Times: 2004.

She was a twice winner of the Museum of Haiku Literature Award [Tokyo]. Three-time winner of a Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award: Tigers In A Tea Cup, Silence, and A Dictionary of Haiku. Winner of numerous haiku awards, including second place in the 1987 Japan Air Lines contest and in the Itoen Tea Company Award in 1992.




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