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XV:2, June, 2000
- A Journal for Linking Poets    
  In this issue of Lynx you will find:



Poems in other genres

      By these authors

RENGA by Marjorie Buettner & Hugh Bygott; Penny Greenwell & Betty Kaplan & Max Verhart; Carlos Coln & Alexis K. Rotella; Ruth Yarrow &
Carlos Colon; Alexis K. Rotella & Carlos Colon; George Knox & Lesley Einer & Elizabeth Knox; Jacques Verhoeven & Silva Ley;
Giselle Maya &
Mari Konno; Francine Porad & Kris Kondo & Marlene Mountain
; Carol Purington & Larry Kimmel; David Rice & Ebba Story; Alexis K. Rotella &
Florence Miller; John Turner & Ross Bolleter & Stephen Hobson

TANKA by John Barlow, ejb, Tom Clausen, Carmela Cohen, Mrinalini Gadkari, Sanford Goldstein, Deirdre Grimes, Nicholas A. Hayes, Momi Kam Holifield, Elizabeth Howard, Larry Kimmel, Joann Klontz, Edith Mize Lewis, M. L. Harrison Mackie, Thelma Mariano, Barbara MacKay, Robert Henry Poulin, David Rice, Jeff Swan, Doris H Thurston, Sherain Veale, Aya Yuhki

Poems  in other genres by Barbara MacKay, David Clink, Werner Reichhold, Bill West, Linda Jeannette Ward, Sheila Murphy



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Deadline is September 1, 2000