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M. Kei,
Editor, Atlas Poetica




. . . I am very saddened to hear about the demise of the Participation Renga. Just wanted you to know that I send these links (below) at the end of April. Perhaps you never received them. I had been hoping with the renga "Smoking Gun" to try to coax Zane Parks, Jeanne Cassler, and Emily Romano into responding, since they seemed to have enjoyed the similar enjambment renga - "OPENEDOOR." Nevertheless, I support your decision. Even if you had gotten my links, that would have meant just Paul and me had responded. That is hardly enough to continue the feature. Love and Blessings, Carlos Colón

. . .I'm very pleased to report that Bay Weekly, a well known weekly newspaper serving the Chesapeake Bay region, has featured my tanka in its summer supplement '101 Ways to Have Fun - Summer 2007.' Coming in at #5 on their list is 'Pen a Poem.' It features tanka exclusively, and reprints three of my poems from Heron Sea. I am not only pleased they asked to reprint my work, but that they put writing poetry so high on their list of fun summer activities. I am an advocate of making poetry accessible to ordinary people, and I'm I think they did a lovely job with the article. M. Kei

. . .Lorraine Harr recorded herself reading the haiku she wrote for four of her books. I had them put on CDs and will sell the four for $12. If you're interested let me know. I have a limited number now, but can always have more made. The books recorded are: Tombo, The Red Barn, A Flight of Herons and
Cats, Crows, Frogs and Scarecrows. I put each book taped on a separate CD and I'm selling the set of 4 for $14 which includes the shipping. Martha Haldeman, 2316 NE Dekum St., Portland, OR 97211. - Martha Haldeman

. . .My book Lip Prints will be out soon. Denis Garrison of MET is putting out several of my books, Eavesdropping which is available now (it's a revision of Clouds In My Teacup –I took the clunkers out.  Ouch (senryu) will be out any day, and then Lip Prints and another which I'm working on, mostly tanka.  All Lulus. They turn out beautiful books and I'm happy with the quality of Eavesdropping. Please give my best to Werner; I hope his health and yours are getting better and better. Warmly, Alexis Rotella

. . .Evelyn Yates passed away about a two weeks ago. A memorial is being planned by her sister and nephew on September 27 from 1 - 3 p.m. at The Great Hall of the Arts, and Letters Club, 14 Elm Street, in Toronto. You may recall, I shared a table with her at the Small Press Book Show (for ten years).And she attended most of the renga seminars of the Canadian Author's Association. I believe she read/featured at the Art Bar, once, before the Imperial Library Pub.She was assembling her second collection, but it is not clear yet what her family intend to do with it, as such it's out of my hands (so far). I might be able to finish the editing to get it published. I might be reading at Evelyn's memorial. Not a venue I expected. Nor look forward to. Her favorites Rilke, Rumi, perhaps Basho, of course her own work from Karumi Moon. I haven't seen her newest collection; she was secretive about it, but she did mention it was all but finished. I will set up a table for her at the Small Press Fair, in October/November, I already asked the organizers. Evelyn Yates worked as secretary assistant at the Addiction Research Foundation in Toronto and for 35 years
where she wrote and edited articles for medical journals. She didn't consider herself a writer until she retired. Edward Baranosky

. . .I recently discovered Lynx, and was pleased by the variety of poetic forms and activities represented. Here's a baker's dozen of haiku-like poems of my own, for your consideration. A note about how these were composed: They are derived from a collection, which I found in a second-hand bookstore, of English-language translations of classical Japanese haiku. The translations adhered (mostly) to the 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but were printed so that the middle line was split into two shorter lines; thus each haiku occupied four lines. I composed my own four-line poems by taking a first line from one haiku, a second line from a different one, and so forth. Thank you for reading my work! Glenn R. Frantz

. . .I am submitting for your consideration several haibun that are presently unpublished. As you know from my participation on your forum, I do workshop my haibun. My bio: Ray Rasmussen lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His haiku, haiga, haibun and articles have been accepted for publication in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Contemporary Haibun, Simply Haiku, Heron's Nest, Road Runner, Bottle Rockets, Contemporary Haibun Online, Haigaonline, Tinywords, Haiku Harvest, the World Haiku Review and other venues. He is the technical editor and designer of the Contemporary Haibun Online website. His web site designs are currently used by Simply Haiku and Roadrunner online journals. In a previous life, Ray thinks he may have been a university professor. Presently he enjoys the writing, photography, and wilderness hiking. Sincerely, Ray Rasmussen


. . .I hope that my message will find you in the best health. I am Clelia Ifrim from Romania and after many years I write you again .My husband, poet Dumitru D.Ifrim passed away on July 13, 2005. I send you an essay about one of his haiku:

 The maximum  space in haiku can be given by the kireji. It divides the poem in two parts. It is as a mirror set in the inner of the poem. A pause of action. Non-action. The irror participates only through its reflection. It is a maximum space for that anywhere it is placed, it has the attribute of a central space. The two parts of poem are reflected into it .The beginning and the end in the same place. It is a habit of reading twice a haiku. It is actually a returning at the first word, at the beginning of the poem. But you can return provided that you pass through the centre, through this mirror . The last word from the haiku is linked to the first. The mirror creates their link. They are twin words, namely they are depending on each other. Their relationship is made crossing this space of the centre. I have chosen a haiku by Dumitru D.Ifrim published in the Ko magazine, spring- summer  2006 :

     Wilderness of beach -
     sea foam arranges on the sands
     a spring wind drawing

The beginning and the ending are unloading themselves in the pause of kireji. The last word and the first word together are a drawing of solitude, “a wilderness drawing.” The kireji, the pause is an empty place, a mirror that reflects this drawing. A  maximum space, there , at the end of the earth, on the seashore where is  the beginning  of another mirror . Clelia Ifrim


. . .I thought your site's visitors might appreciate a link to a new project I've launched called Haiku for You.  It's a collaborative internet art project centered around haiku images. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, H4U

. . . I'm sending you a pdf. review copy of The Book Of Hopes And Dreams.  It's a charity, poetry anthology, published to raise money for the Medical Aid (Afghanistan) appeal of the Glasgow-based charity  Spirit Aid, which is an entirely volunteer run organization, headed by Scottish actor and director, David Hayman. As a volunteer organization, Spirit Aid are able to ensure that 90% of all the funds they raise go straight to the projects they are involved in (unlike most of the bigger charities whose admin and advertising budgets swallow huge percentages of all donations). The Book Of Hopes And Dreams, which is a celebration of the human spirit (even in times of great adversity) has captured the imagination
and hearts of some of the greatest living poets of our times; all of whom have freely contributed work to this anthology. There are contributions from Margaret Atwood, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, John Heath-Stubbs, Carol Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage, Tony Harrison, Alasdair Gray, Edwin Morgan, Penelope Shuttle, Anne Stevenson, Jon Stallworthy, Alan Brownjohn, Ruth Fainlight, David Constantine, Moniza Alvi, Cyril Dabydeen, Elaine Feinstein, Vicki Feaver, Michael Horovitz, Tom Leonard, Robert Mezey, Lawrence Sail, Jay Ramsay, Charles Ades Fishman, Geoffrey Godbert and Ian Duhig, amongst others. I would be grateful if you could review this book on your website, or, if a review is not possible, to give it a plug. The book costs £9.99 and is available from all good bookstores in the UK. It can also be bought outside the UK via the publisher, Bluechrome or from  UK Amazon. I hope that what you see in the PDF copy will inspire you to buy a hard copy of the book, either for yourself or friends and family. I hope also that you will be inspired to help to spread the word about the book, especially as Bluechrome are a small, independent publisher who do not have the sort of advertising or publicity budget that the major publishers have. Anthony & Fiona (the co-proprietors of Bluechrome) and myself are relying solely on the internet as a means of spreading the word about the book. We hope that those who come across
it will not only be inspired by the stellar cast of contributors, but by the ethos and the book and the charity it supports. We truly believe it is one of the best anthologies to have been published this century.  Not only is it stuffed to the brim with the work of award winning poets, but it's message is resoundingly positive and optimistic.  Something we all badly need to hear these days. Not only that, but every copy sold will go towards providing mobile clinics, doctors, nurses and medicines for the people of the far flung, mountainous region of Baglan in North East Afghanistan, where the population hadn't received any medical care whatsoever for 25 years, until Spirit Aid raised funds for their first mobile clinic. In reality, at least six mobile clinics are needed to provide even basic medical care for the people of Baglan. With your help Spirit Aid will get closer to making that a reality. I do hope you can help to spread the word about The Book Of Hopes And Dreams. A review, an advert or a link in your internet zine would really help. If you do an email newsletter, maybe you could give it a mention there. There's a lot more info about The Book Of  Hopes And Dreams on my website. If you do manage to do a review, please email me the webpage that it appears on. Thanks very much for all your support. All the best, Dee Rimbaud.

. . .Thank you for your welcome note last winter, and for your invitation to send new cinquains to Lynx. I have included sixteen of them here in the hopes that a few will be acceptable. My big news at the moment is book news – I finally have a book with an ISBN: my book Sometimes In Balance was published in June! It is available for world-wide distribution via who ships directly to people's homes if they order the book from them.* You can see details about the book, including an introduction by Jerry H. Jenkins, by browsing for my name in Lulu or, more easily, by just clicking through via my own site to the right Lulu pages. Best regards, Alan Reynolds
. . .Doghouse Books presents Morning at Mount Ring: Haiku and Senryu Poems by Anatoly Kudryavitsky, to be launched by Shizue Ogawa, Tokyo University, Japan, as a part of 20th International Gerard Manley Hopkins Summer School. Wednesday, July 25th, 4.30 p.m. St. Paul's Secondary School Monasterevin, Co. Kildare, Ireland. DOGHOUSE Books,
PO Box 312, Tralee GPO, Co. Kerry Ireland.Anatoly Kudryavitsky

. . .Just a quick announcement about some good reading at Tanka Online:Tanka Online at _www.tankaonline.com_ ( , is now featuring guest poet, Laura Maffei, the founding editor of the print journal, American Tanka, and whose first collection of tanka, drops from her
umbrella, was released in 2006. Visit soon to read Laura’s tanka and an insightful interview about her experience as both a poet and a leader in the tanka movement in the West. Jeanne Emrich

. . .The new issue of Contemporary Haibun Online edited by Ken Jones, Jim Kacian and Bruce Ross is now online. Featured are: Hortensia Anderson, Ken Arnold, Ed Baker, Sharon Trevelyan Dean, IzabelGanz, Jerry Gill, Clyde Glandon, Robert Hecht, Ellen Kombiyil, Mary Mageau, Andrea Miller, Sabine Miller, Linda Papanicolaou, Zane Parks, Patricia Prime, Ray Rasmussen, Moira Richards, Adelaide Shaw, Richard Straw, Dave Tilley, Jeffrey Winke, Jeffrey Woodward, Rafal Zabratynski. CHO accepts submissions any time during the year. Usually you will receive a response from our editors within one month of submission. Ray Rasmussen, managing & technical editor, cho

. . .Announcing the 6th Tanka Poetry Contest for high school students – The SEITO Hyakunin Isshu– Deadline for submissions: November 9, 2007. For further information.

. . .The Southern California Haiku Study Group is offering for sale it's recently released 2007 Anthology –
RATTLE OF BAMBOO - A HAIKU ANTHOLOGY SCHSG 2007 price: $7:00 each + $1:00 S&H inside USA. (8 bucks) (cash,check or M.O.) to Darrell Byrd, 1806 Hamilton Ave., El Centro, CA 92243 Email inquiries: Darrell Byrd. The booklet features Sumi-e Cover Art. by Ann Bendixen, Yuki Teikei Haiku Society, The haiku are presented by Margaret Hehmen-Smith, Jerry Ball, Tom Bilicke, Darrell Byrd, Linda Galloway, Deborah P. Kolodji, David Priebe, Wendy Wright. Thomas Conroy, Billie Dee, D'ellen, Victor Gendrano, gk, Nardin Gottfried, Gloria Jaguden, Terry Johnson, Anne Jones, Janis lukstein, Michael Mc Clintock, Naia, Victor Ortiz, Carolyn Thomas, Kathy Wilson, John Wong. Thanks on behalf of the dedicated members of the Southern California Haiku Study Group. Darrell Byrd

. . .The new issue of Shamrock Haiku Journal, the online magazine of the Irish Haiku Society, is now available at  Shamrock is an international quarterly online journal that publishes quality haiku, senryu and haibun in English, and has a home page at Shamrock Haiku Journal is calling for submissions from local, national and international haiku poets for the next issue, which will be out in early December 2007. Please submit your work to Dr. Anthony Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Editor. The deadline for submissions is November 31st, 2007. See submissions guidelines. Please note that haibun submissions are closed until January 2008.Anthony Anatoly Kudryavitsky


H A I K U     S P I R I T    W E E K E N D  is to be organised in association with - haiku   ireland - next November 16-18, 2007 in Duleek, near Dublin, in a superb location: Annesbrook House.

About the Weekend

This weekend is dedicated to haiku (and related forms) and will offer participants various activities to learn more about haiku and opportunities to discuss share, appreciate and enjoy the Way of Haiku in a peaceful and comfortable setting and in a friendly and organised atmosphere. Activities will include workshops, ginko, kukai, group discussions. The venue will be fully dedicated to the programme and will also host a Haiku Library with plenty of haiku books and journals, for the duration of the weekend. See the provisional Programme and Library listing below for more information.

The weekend package includes:
-          All workshops and activities
-          2 full board nights’ accommodation on a sharing basis (please note there are double rooms and rooms for 3 to 4 persons)
-          6 Organic meals to be served:
o       2 breakfasts
o       2 lunches
o       2 dinners
-          Free tea/green tea/coffee
-          There will be the possibility to buy wine for dinner, and hot whiskies and/or Irish coffees for dinner/evening activities.

Weekend Fee The package price for the weekend is [€220/€210 for - haiku ireland - members].
A non refundable deposit of €50 per person is required. Due to limited availability, please book as soon as possible with the attached booking form (Word document) to be sent back to Although priority will be given to persons staying 2 nights, a 1 night package including Saturday morning workshops up to Sunday afternoon activities (2 lunches, 1 breakfast and 1 dinner) may be arranged. Contact me for information on this.
About the Venue
Annesbrook's foundations were set in the 1600's and it has grown through the 18th and 19th Centuries most notably when the Gothic dining room was added for the Prince Regent (later George IV).

Annesbrook is set in the Boyne Valley in the heart of archaeological Meath only 7 minutes from world-famous and historical Newgrange and less than half an hour from the Hill of Tara, Monasterboice, Trim Castle, Kells and important archaeological sites.

The 19th Century 2 acre walled garden provides most of the organic vegetable and fruit produce served for the meals at Annesbrook. The Orchard also dates from the 19th Century and contains many old varieties of apple including 'Blood of the Boyne' which until very recently was thought to be extinct.

To know more about Annesbrook, visit the site at:

Transport Car:     40 minutes away from Dublin city centre
Train:  10 minutes from Drogheda train station (Taxi: app. €10)
Bus:    Bus 103, departure from Berefords Place, Dublin 1; stop at Annes Brook Gate.
Plane: 30 minutes from Dublin airport. Taxi from Dublin airport: app. €30.

Pick-ups from city centre/airport/Drogheda train station will be arranged as much as possible. It is important to fill in times and points of arrival and departures in the Booking Form. More information on Bus/Train routes will be provided after booking.

For More Information Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information or query. Hope to see you there to enjoy and share the Way of Haiku together! Gilles Fabre


Atlas Poetica : A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka welcomes international submissions in any language, provided they are accompanied by English translation. In addition, we will be including a list of international resources and short announcements relevant to poetry of place tanka on a space available basis in each issue.

Nederlands Modern English Tanka Press kondigt een nieuw tijdschrift aan. Atlas Poetica: A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka richt zich tot een internationaal publiek en zal twee maal per jaar verschijnen. In het formaat 8.5" x 11" zal het tijdschrift tanka's, waka's, kyoka's en varianten daarvan presenteren, evenals sets en suites. Opgenomen wordt uitsluitend poetry of place: gedichten waarin landschappen of plaatsen een rol spelen. Het uiterlijk landschap is met het innerlijk landschap van de mens verwoven. Atlas Poetica streeft ernaar, de diversiteit van het leven in de meest uiteenlopende omgevingen te tonen en zo een poëtische atlas van de tanka-wereld te vormen. Inzendingen in andere talen zijn zeer welkom, mits vergezeld van een Engelse vertaling. Zowel traditionele als innovatieve teksten kunnen in aanmerking komen voor publicatie. De deadline voor het eerste nummer is 1 januari 2008. Raadpleeg voor gedetailleerde informatie.

Deutsch Modern English Tanka Press kündigt das Erscheinen einer neuen Zeitschrift an. Atlas Poetica: A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka wendet sich an eine internationale Leserschaft und wird halbjährlich erscheinen. Im Format 8.5" x 11" wird die Zeitschrift Tanka, Waka, Kyoka und deren Varianten sowie Serien und Sequenzen dieser Formen präsentieren. Aufgenommen wird ausschließlich poetry of place: Gedichte, in denen Landschaften oder Orte eine Rolle spielen. Die äußere Umgebung ist mit der inneren Landschaft des Menschen verbunden. Atlas Poetica strebt an, die Diversität des Lebens in den unterschiedlichsten Umgebungen zu zeigen und so einen poetischen Atlas der Tanka-Welt zu gestalten. Einsendungen in anderen Sprachen sind sehr willkommen, sofern eine englische Übersetzung beiliegt. Sowohl traditionelle wie innovative Beiträge haben Aussicht auf Veröffentlichung. Einsendeschluß für das erste Heft ist der 1. Januar 2008. Detaillierte Informationen bietet.

Suomeksi Modern English Tanka Press on tyytyväinen ilmoittaessaan uuden aikakauslehtensä, Atlas Poetica: Aikakauslehti Paikan Runoudelle Modernissa Englantilaisessa Tankassa. Aikakauslehti tulee julkaisemaan 8.5" x 11" formaatissa tanka/waka/kyoka-runoja ja sen variantteja, sekä runojoukkoja ja runoelmia kaksi kertaa vuodessa. Kaikki runot tulevat olemaan paikan runoutta, runoja joissa maisema tai kulttuurillinen paikka on merkittävässä asemassa.Atlas Poetica tähtää runouteen jossa sisäinen ja ulkoinen ympäristö ovat yhteydessä, ja josta on nähtävissä luonnollisen ja inhimillisen kokemuksen monimuotoisuus. Tanka sekä traditionaalisessa että innovatiivisessa muodossa ovat tervetulleita, kuten myös submissionit muilla kielillä kuin englanniksi, kunhan niiden mukana lähetetään myös englanninkielinen äännös.Ensimmäisen julkaisun deadline on: 1. tammikuuta 2008. Lisätietoja. M. Kei,
Editor, Atlas Poetica


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