Jane Reichhold

A history of women who wrote haiku (and tanka) from the beginning of recorded history in Japan, across the centuries to Europe, then to the North American continent and back to Japan ending in 1990. During the years since, a publisher was sought, but no one wanted to take on the book. So like the Little Red Hen, I am publishing this book myself. This book that needs to be read, needed to be written, needs to be saved by men and women and writers of all the genres indebted to haiku.


Chapter One - From the Islands of Beginning

Chapter One Anthology - Classical Japanese Tanka and Haiku

Chapter Two - Tanka and Haiku Come to America

Chapter Two Anthology - From Cinquains to Contemporary American Haiku

Chapter Three - Haiku Magazines in America

Chapter Four - Haiku in Canada

Chapter Four Anthology - Canadian Haiku

Chapter Five - Haiku in Germany & Holland

Chapter Five Anthology - Haiku in Germany & Holland

Chapter Six - Haiku and Tanka in Japan

Chapter Six Anthology - Haiku in Japan



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