Part IV

Werner Reichhold



Table of Contents

There's a Path
Choice of Minutes
Centering in Egypt
Project in 4 Scenes
It Floats
Hardly worked
Open System
Sand of Sailors
Swells Advised
The Meantime as Evidence
Nocturnal Steps
Those Wooden Shoes
Dispensing White
Tiberon Views San Francisco
Edges Not Kept

There's a Path

nourished by patience. Being thirsty makes one find a well easier. Trusting a dromedary in the desert means trusting yourself. Through the senses of an animal supposed to find water, tribesmen / women are sensitive, control their gestures

water instead at the end
I'll walk home

Jealousy occurs reminding us that the fluids are always on their own way, and there, where they are, behave as at home. Maybe out for a new hunting-lodge, a new huntress, it uses the words mostly hyphenated, because each syllable touches a closeness to related meanings. The writer feels asked to show the link moist-warm

next place milk meanwhile
intermitting alternates
on rebarbative angles
her parcel doesn't end

smoke questions
the burning of letters
as if lighting back
into hand prints
recalls the sender's heat.

What's with the brain, the fluids that can't forget, forgive, foresee, reacting like a sea in service? Rearrangements try to keep up with the core, the valuable items. When was the long rainy season, remember? You changed the bucket under the leaking roof. Spots still on the floor as if they also know when it was and why

one stream borrows
into fish bones' white
on such an effusion
along scales

summons but less
incomplete skies
take off

take on
adamantine subtotals;
they may vivify
loitering gestures
if they wish to foregather
in the wolf-moon's eye

on ovaries
heir home not yet parted
waters she the shell.

Choice of minutes, lined up simply in place with us
no repetition
more sentence than verse. In confusion,
on so little quick enough?
off to the managed, the predicted, promised
nearby hot by having

such a distance
one in the dark
from consolation

[Some of the mysterious levels of stability in the macrocosm
are directly related and depend on the uncertainty in quantum events

not encapsulated a season in front of behind it

[To fix the meter 1 650 763.73 times the wavelength of the
orange line in the spectrum of Krypton 86 when held at 15 C
at the pressure of 760 mb)

on wings not worn
we fly
for the two of us she tailors
air around us

at the table the knives we use in focus

balcony and bat the insects part of no collision

dancefor a sip blood stretching into the herb garden.

Act II
waiting in anticipation is part of the performance.



Centering in Egypt
in four scenes

columns instead of walls the light at home through temples

the conversation beaming as the guide says en-trance

I catch a sun ray
reflected from the Sphinx
my eyes feel beaten
with the heat of a star
the goddess half an animal

skin of such doors their mental framework

echoes fish-fermentedwhite bones

inshore I hear the broken mountain side re-erected

in a rush tide replaced
out of a wave's tongue
at the cliff's fold
particularly bluish
cold dwells in cracks

was this a part of being liquid?

I say thanksthe mummycenters the pyramid

smile king-released the queen-naked

incense as it goes astray beyond astrology


in four scenes

handed on intertribal

preset curvature
at the East-West parable
light distortions
dimmed tales lure the eye
leeward a default screen

a new password curls up
on the tip of a finger
presidential preference
selects a menu the cursor
points to security management


almost dark
where the Euphrates and Tigris
keep washing waters;
swing in the cradle's red cedar
sinks weight on a baby's eye

eye of a Sufi
no blink not a linear
astonishment for emergency
sandy stage the dancers'
whirl well beyond slow oil

silk road masked

It Floats

I trace it
keeping sand
corals sway in no direction
tenderly sized

not pure
the shiver's shelter unsinkable
walking with small buildings
adjusted addresses

over and paused
in how little
I don't mind doors

hours we find repeated
July-yellow stares at freckles

watching you

Thirst be dear river mistaken
minerals use two thirds she says
referring to juice bubbles

more fairly recognized
acrobats catch the torch
by feel
joined names coupled

Leaving it oracular unresisting apples and Eves
a quotation that sours running out of lips

the sweat kneeled nailing mosquitoes come to lick

this alone
words relocated.

Hardly Worked

against the distance underneath
each others honeyed one
much the same emerging
banished egg-pale

the trail one flight from indicated
prints blown away
fins left silently their former size
land handed

anchored in translucency as if one sees
through competing fabrics faces lifted
from old salt

the profile modified inlets

indictment a thing to unwrap.
the mold a triangular scull focused
in ape eyes

the prospect might be abundant
geographically shifted to a place
covered or imagined green
a hairdo

on impenitence
its unstitched clothes shiny satin
Saturn a foreigner veiled
I adapt the scale the scares


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