Part III

Werner Reichhold
Twelve Poems

Table of Contents

In Search of
A Poetry Reading
For Two
This is a Preface
Eastward Morning
Preceding Profile
Heat-blurred Contour
Masking Autumn
Away To
Control But
Installation of a Fable

In Search of

traveling in sound territories. Each parcel
wears a mask to find new contacts.
It can happen behind a subway window
or under the cathedrals' blue rosette in Chartres.

We imagine that such waves of a journey return
night light the sea has a weaver moon-moved.

Advice not settled means more time is needed until
exchange can take place. The more separation
the more will be invested for understanding.

As long as the code of meaning is kept unknown,
the partner enjoys confusion. Out of this
demanding concept nervousness begins to trace
areas of identity.

Negligently for a map showing a path to get closer, we would
like to bend a finger, start all over, call it the joy,
the concentrated effort in search for a new game,
the purpose purblind persuaded

black eyes side by side one sleeps, one is awake


A Poetry Reading

Attention of the audience is so intense
a cat feeling too alone leaves the room.


With the heat of listeners expanding, trapped vowels
cross a nomadic thought. On the wall,
dust and the virulence of words
partly swallowed finding shelter. During
a collision of tongue and teeth, relations
of sleep, thieves and silence light up.

one ant, unimpressed, finds a way along neighbor's
Leg hair. Passing columns of a temple,
the block of speech is leaving a gate.
Close to learning, confidential swings
adopt each other.

Into whose space intruding, a sentence feels at home?

Wind in pine needles take over the interior of pending wishes.

For Two

in which motion along the gaff? there 's the veil
of a siren, rope, back-winds.
The spinnaker has it to come coming to be blown.
A sea-launched skirt, it reddens the foresail.

Premonition forgetfulness? Chill in the Y of a seaman's
fish-hunting fork. That hungry? Egg-clouds depart,
they lull a luminous language into caverns.
Through a minimum of echoes one hears
the Electric ray, resembling a book mark. The quotable
mark, the smudge carries the picture of a hard palate.

Probably the obscurity of getting across to a neighbor
determined to make a swing meeting both halves.

This is a Preface

all following lines are prefaces
12 o'clock pm outside the window moth wings beat.
Since half an hour you're part of it

The quiet breath shows there isn't more to be wished for.
Growth seems to be controlled, seems to be.
Immune cells respond strongly before
getting consumed.

Day time savings One hour less you say.
May I don't interfere in places where
hands of my watch hold on to?

Early today we feel the spoons' loss of shine
in our mouths. On the knife's side
toward you dried blood darkens, hardens.

A morning dove comes by, lands and shades two bricks.
Since we avoid looking at each other
the dove stops cooing.


Eastward Morning

may not where known but stranding.
The vanguard washes away the vanishing point.
It's a pretense, aflutter, not a aforementioned
in a space where one can hear the hiss of a viper
amed through neurosurgery.


That much of a split tongue scored off.


Moon-blue and tulip tree, both shaken. Moves occur
without fear, coming closer appointed restless.
Nearly a rare anxiousness, one dares to call it back
into a February-attached room.
There, the sleeper is held hostage, prolonging
the minute absence defines itself.


Fermentation under a tent of almost awakening; even the former
pervasive way of viewing aloneness performs with
a companionable dream-segment. It may have
the strength of a cello string, tightened from the snail
to the bridge; in between a long armed bow.


Darkness dismisses its prevalence- eastward? Morning,
the uplift with a nuance in behalf of resigning
Breakfast including oatmeal, then the vulnerable
two egg yolks.


Lost later found
near the train
the pocket-mirror
I turn it twice
my picture but not hers.


Preceding Profile

in the house of magnets the coil relates to the copper wire.
Rapprochement, winding ? No, electrified
the heat of July returns.

The foreground shows a resident mowing. The indentation
indicts a tame dear passed.
Rankness leaving a subject, annoyed.
I abstain.

Neighbors ransack moist places for the taste of rubbery fibers.
A fly , sensing white spots on a red pillows
traces the thirst of its own.

One system and such immortal sacrifices to the color
of give-away. Whose power is going
to compete? Curves in the shade
of affection differ; they lean on preceding
confirmations, given, not installed.
Their profile resembles a move under water.

Stability is held by two different weights in correspondence:
one uplifting, the other to be lifted into
a gallery of proportional light.

On craters earth shine flooding the moon;
can some of it become mating?

One hole seems to laugh at the beach of Copa Cabana;
there, tiny textiles communicate
each others' fibers

A shark tattoos a mannequin, in good faith continuing
competitive tense. Here we're in convertible
vacation-mood; copper tone wrinkles
resemble a mummy's centuries.


secondary by aperture but how
dependent on a fold-up tripod.
Flirtation, mercurial, lightning-like flashes.
I use a delayed-action shutter release.

Clouds cover half of the Montblanc. Moving
sheep wool and the beard of a Swiss
wood cutter stay countable hair by hair.

January his hard time. Kids to raise.
Those mon Dieux, would be first grade material,
could defend half of the country.
On leather shorts hail clicks.

There are satellite-taken pictures. After the cobalt-blast
the landscape resources will stay unchanged;
they say, a local population that does not
give in to serve more cheese
or secret bank account numbers

can / will, Monsignore, be endangered.


Heat-blurred Contour

lengthwise the parachutist jumps along the security-line.
There seems to be a little more than sports
going on in the desert.

Sensing a taped prayer, vocal cords sound not quite
natural to the Sheik's falcon, freed to catch pheasants.
Are the birds opinionated about prey, similar to
the well trained parachutists?
Occasionally itches? proving entertainment
of other materials, a cry of crashing glass emerges.
From a cock's throat phasing out pure yellow.
The gun is up the huntswoman's pellets circle the air.

Autumn umbra and mauve explore heat-blurred contours
of a lately accomplished Mercedes. Is this the new comfort?
She gets a ride besides the conqueror.

Torchlight or is this a minaret on fire? A licking hortative hint
pampers the eye. Cross-questions play the thirsty mind.


Masking Autumn

Pumpkin pillow Halloween rolls its desire
like a sea-soup to the shore.

The esophagus obviously works as an elevator,
sweets occasionally get stuck.
Addictive licks - could this be brown
chocolate wanting more to melt?

Ingrained wishes knocking on one door, then on the next,
neighborly, neediness a habit. The gender
libertine. Noon, when it occurs organized
waiting for a long evening.

Such a bottling of grimaces on screen; one would think
one's own mask alone should do it equally.
Stockings hide a face - my friend?
is the shooting real or do we watch TV?

Flashing red a cop's breathalyzer keeps Daddy away from
coming home in time that night. The ghosts
of autumn are in search for spirits.
Something takes aim, inhabited, antedating;
fruit-strings break the slime the yellow seed.


Away To

the unsettled, the ironing of one of my
white shirts to go out meeting swans.
A half-attached commitment, the tie
balks some sprinkled-over violets
breaking off and revolting against edges
seen from others as the collar.

Near the river, we foreign guests
gather under and above the bridge
au Quai du Louvre. There, on Sunday
a painter's easel leans on the hand rail.

Today his Seine becomes a charmer on hold.
Swans emerging as if they wanted to appear
as white spaces left empty in a watercolor,
enciphered while they themselves are flying further

to a not yet chosen unattached commitment
on their softest own.


Control But

lead along? Languor, is this where the pencil goes
on late afternoon's wiggley line-work
or is it the papers own decision-making
how much white is decided to stay white
during a graphic's gray deception?

Debarkation relentlessly accuses me
having the picture in mind, but not under control.

Relevant information creeps into the finger's muscle
for whatever acceptable partnership.
Pure remembrance is in a stage of giving up
credulity. Something knowable, imaginable
becomes familiar during an upgrading
mathematical process between constellations.

Wittgenstein gave in after Lucretius' simpler annotations
to what can be drawn and hidden
into the cards during a twilight hour.

Is virgin-wool the warmest cover, does the tomcat follow
only her? Are the two pounds of asparagus
soft as what is wished for?


Installation of a Fable

how long not be willing?
Why does her letter return
when hay feels stuck in yellow?
Of whose behest and dozens
and duplications, and departure

on the hillside the upper part of a horse appears arching
close to me until the appearance
of its full size destabilizes the color of my skin.

Luck of power? do the ongoing leaps evaluate voices
in favor to the listener? The assault course shrinks.
Foreseeable steps follow the unforeseeable
with a bug on its disc.

The foretold becomes unreadable, the truly readable
is already accepted. Let's say it is in the face
of a car's rear mirror: eye lids down to a long skirt,
the pattern fading along with its folds.

On the throat less exaltation. Several questions converge,
some evasively. The gallery we feel driven to shows

Installation of a Fable on 36 screens, mythical creatures carry
a twelve foot gong close to a white mammoth;
on its forehead, soft curled hair covers the number
of centuries it run through.

Cybertry Part III
Copyright © 1998 by Werner Reichhold
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